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  1. Hey Itu. Thanks for having a look at the circuit mate. Based on your input I feel more confident about building this. WOW I can't imagine a 10mm thick piezo actually vibrating. I love your whimsical comment.... "those were the days" If you'd care to share some memories I'd be fascinated to hear them. At this point Ohms seem almost redundant so.... one last. Thanks Ito. Hey bertbass. I'll keep updating once I start experimenting. Building does rely on the delivery from China of course. If you'd care to share what didn't work I'd be very grateful so I don't start down roads that might not connect (dead ends). Also any plans, circuit diagrams, observations and details of what did work would be great. Of course I know I'm asking a lot. Whatever you decide is great mate.
  2. Thanks TwoTimesBass. itsu is very cool and current...ly has 7 Ohhmms. If my order ever arrives (from China) I will have a lot of fun experimenting. They cost next to nothing and the applications seem, in part, only limited by ones imagination. If only I'd been more of a geek in school. Anyway, two more for sticking with it. Thanks TwoTimesBass.
  3. FET is a type of transistor yeah? What's the difference between a preamp and an opamp and should I consider one over the other? Thanks for the advice re the diameter. I'd kinda guessed that might be the case but as you've mentioned it, I have seen 50mm piezos. Do you know why you wouldn't produce an array with say 20mm and 50mm for say an acoustic bass? would that be something to do with the phase discrepancy as mentioned by TwoTimesBass? Thanks everso much for your time itu. Fantastic advice written in a way that I can at least grasp the concepts. For your awesomeness and the way you got me to spill some guts you have ascended to the level of 7 Ohms. Nice one. Thanks mate. BTW. Did you have a look at the diagram I uploaded?
  4. Thank you itu. You know what it's like, you start Googling a subject and it runs away with you... it does me any way. So in short I started looking at miking up my acoustic guitars. I've come back to music after a generation away (Children and making money for the Man). I downloaded Audacity and Hydrogen to get started and just got carried away. Anyway long story short, started thinking about percussion, drums etc. and one thing lead to another and I got to thinking about something I wrote donkeys years ago.... kinda had an aquatic theme. So there's immersion at one point, and logically I guess, emersion. Anyway I hope that partially explains my fixation with piezos. I didn't fancy soldering tails to the things so I bought pre soldered with 6" tails.
  5. That looks like a great piece of kit TwoTimeBass. I ordered 10 Piezos @ 20mm and 10 @ 27mm a couple of days ago. I am a total tool tart but draw the line at an oscilloscope (at the moment at least). I do have a multi-meter. Would I be able to establish the impedance of the transducers with that or is it more of a moving picture whilst the transducers are being excited by a signal? Ooo errr Mrs.
  6. If anyone's interested here's a link to the pre amp build I found. https://www.instructables.com/id/Guitar-Contact-Microphone-Preamp/
  7. Hey Pete Young. Thanks for taking the time to read the mini thread and contribute mate. So I'm kinda wanting to build something myself and have seen this on Instructibles. What do you reckon? I'm still thinking of connecting multiple piezos probably 3 or 5. If connected in parallel as suggested by TwoTimesBass, above, would this be appropriate then? As you are suggesting MegOhms you have been awarded 6 Ohms as well.
  8. Flippin' 'eck TwoTimesBass. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply with such clear and concise answers to my questions. You clearly are an expert mate, at least in comparison to me..... and a large percentage of the rest of the planetary population. For this reason you are awarded 6 OHMS ! OHHHMMMMMMMMMM.
  9. Hi Guys. Anyone any good with electronics and amplification? Please be gentle with me as I have very little experience when it comes this. I have some questions regarding piezo transducers used as contact mics. I’m interested in various applications and am thinking of wiring three and five piezos together. Am I right in thinking that piezos produce a relatively high output voltage but extremely low ampage and is this why piezos require a preamp? How should they be wired together series or parallel? If parallel and on the same instrument, or environment recording the same source, will the increase in the power output of the ‘array’ be enough to negate the need for a preamp before amplification for headphones? If you’d still require a preamp, could you use the same one for 1, piezo on it’s own, and / or 2, 3, 4, 5 piezos wired together. Could you Bluetooth from a preamp to a monitor or Bluetooth headphones or would the signal have to go through an amp first? I’m sure answers will generate more questions so your indulgence is appreciated. Thank you kindly troops.
  10. Hey Lee. Just joined myself mate. looks like a great site. I've had some useful support already. Here's one for you. Not too sure about the colour but I hear America are very keen to do a free trade deal with the UK. Can't get cheaper than free. 😉 https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/173951607338?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&itemid=173951607338&targetid=879842586457&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9046426&poi=&campaignid=9445986154&mkgroupid=95782681917&rlsatarget=aud-629407027105:pla-879842586457&abcId=578896&merchantid=6995734&gclid=Cj0KCQjwn7j2BRDrARIsAHJkxmwPiDSvCUuFTXu646rV-AJEGu5EycNAvef1KBCdo2ji687wtMjKDbsaAtYjEALw_wcB
  11. Hey Jonny. Same as mate. Coming back after decades. Just setting up some basic multitracking laptop stylee in a corner of the kitchen diner then I'll get cracking on. Good luck mate.
  12. OK mate. I went at it from a different angle and got through. Thank you.
  13. Hey Rabbit. No mate. I haven't heard of this. But I just followed the link and Windows defender threw up a warning about accessing further and the possibility of damage to my PC.
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