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  1. Hehe ... well at least it’s a Japanese one not an American made those are thee expensive ones
  2. Hallo! I have tiny fingers 5’3” tiny I hadn’t played for 15 years just last 6moths getting my hands back in shape ... Hall mice of me everyone
  3. Hi I’m new .. haven't been on forums much since 2006 so forgive ,e if I’m a bit slow ... such-a great site.
  4. Hi I’m new here btw ..... hey! So envious ... I have 2 ... gagging for a B.C. Rich Mockingbird and or ... Eagle ... I miss my ‘80s Mockingbird ... (Yes I’m older than dirt ) never selling again ... famous last words? Or is it ... never buying another bass 😃 Fender 70s jazz Fender American Elite ... also I really like it here much better than ‘talk Bass’ ... I’m afraid of Americans
  5. I want them all ! I love BC RIch Basses the Mockingbird and the Eagle 😊😁
  6. I love BC rich , not all metal hehe.. looking for a mockingbird ... I sold it in the 90s to go to London ... I loved that tone and neck through body .. the originals 100% hand made
  7. hallo, what year is this catalog ? It only has the guitars and Basses when ‘class axe ‘took over ? Do you habe an older catalog?
  8. Lovely bass ... still for-sale? Location? Thnx
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