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  1. Decals don’t look right on this mustang on eBay, everything else looks legit and tbh why would you fake a mustang? What do you guys think?
  2. Straight in, no fussin’
  3. After 4 weeks the hipshot lollipops came! Love ‘em!
  4. Just wondering what people’s thoughts on MIC Tokai J basses? Eyeing one up and wondering whether id get a good bang for my buck at £350 or should just go with a squier or second hand mim fender?
  5. So yeah, share your recent discoveries of old music that you probably should have heard a long time ago! For me I've recently discovered Young, Gifted and Black by Aretha Franklin, it's amazing plus the bass work is phenomenal! Edit: I should probably say that I mean the album by Aretha Franklin not the Nina Simone song
  6. Just ordered after a few beers, this is what it looks like at the moment!
  7. Hi So a few years ago I snapped one of the machine heads off of this Mustang (chucking it about on stage thinking I'm in Nirvana) and I've been using a coin to tune it ever since. I am now fed up with doing this a want to replace them with lollipop tuners. Does anyone know if there are any that will just drop right in? I'm struggling to find any info Cheers
  8. I’ve got a Verythin and it’s one of the easiest to play basses I’ve had
  9. I’m in the standard output, no Rico sound for me right now haha
  10. Hi ive just gotta myself a secondhand ‘09 4003 and it sound crazy as with both pickups or just the bridge pickup. But using just the neck pickup it’s much quieter and sounds very thin, not a lot of low end if any. I’ve lowered the bridge pick up and made the neck one higher and it’s balanced out a bit. I guess my question is whether this is normal for the neck pickups? Or is something up? edit: when I say it’s balanced out a bit, the bridge pickup it’s still noticeably louder and bassier than the neck, it’s a lot similar when the ‘vintage’ circuit is activated.
  11. What is going on with the price of Musicmasters these days?! I bought one 6 years ago for £500 and even then thought that was over the top. I sold it shortly afterwards but recently started to miss it so had a look around for another and they all seem to be around £700-£950! Is it just people trying their luck or are people actually paying these prices?
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