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  1. I’ve got a Verythin and it’s one of the easiest to play basses I’ve had
  2. I’m in the standard output, no Rico sound for me right now haha
  3. Hi ive just gotta myself a secondhand ‘09 4003 and it sound crazy as with both pickups or just the bridge pickup. But using just the neck pickup it’s much quieter and sounds very thin, not a lot of low end if any. I’ve lowered the bridge pick up and made the neck one higher and it’s balanced out a bit. I guess my question is whether this is normal for the neck pickups? Or is something up? edit: when I say it’s balanced out a bit, the bridge pickup it’s still noticeably louder and bassier than the neck, it’s a lot similar when the ‘vintage’ circuit is activated.
  4. What is going on with the price of Musicmasters these days?! I bought one 6 years ago for £500 and even then thought that was over the top. I sold it shortly afterwards but recently started to miss it so had a look around for another and they all seem to be around £700-£950! Is it just people trying their luck or are people actually paying these prices?
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