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  1. weight added to description (Had to use bloody kitchen scales and my 'human' scales wouldn't reigster it) it is an approximation but pretty close, ever so slightly heavier than my MIJ mustang but nowhere near as heavy as my P or Rick.
  2. Squier Vista Musicmaster. Few dings here and there. Currently strung with piccolo strings but I’ve got a set of rounds that I got it with. Collection preferred but I’m willing to meet half way at a reasonable distance. Weight is around 8 pounds/ 3.6 kg
  3. Meatbox reissue for sale mainly because I don’t really use it! im sure someone else could make better use of it than me 🙂
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. 2015 Höfner Verythin, really cool little bass, great 60s sounds and lovely low action. Strung with Labella flats. Comes with Höfner soft case and scratch plate. Selling as I really want a jazz bass but need some funds! Collection from Bicester but I’m willing to drive to meet up somewhere not crazy far away. Danke!
  6. Decals don’t look right on this mustang on eBay, everything else looks legit and tbh why would you fake a mustang? What do you guys think?
  7. After 4 weeks the hipshot lollipops came! Love ‘em!
  8. Just wondering what people’s thoughts on MIC Tokai J basses? Eyeing one up and wondering whether id get a good bang for my buck at £350 or should just go with a squier or second hand mim fender?
  9. So yeah, share your recent discoveries of old music that you probably should have heard a long time ago! For me I've recently discovered Young, Gifted and Black by Aretha Franklin, it's amazing plus the bass work is phenomenal! Edit: I should probably say that I mean the album by Aretha Franklin not the Nina Simone song
  10. Just ordered after a few beers, this is what it looks like at the moment!
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