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  1. It’s like colourful spaghetti, isn’t it!
  2. Hey guys, sorry for the tardy reply, and thanks for the responses so far! Photos below for smart folk
  3. Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum so minor background: I haven’t played for YEARS but dusted off my loved Hohner B2A headless to play with. I was hoping to plug it into GarageBand and have a fiddle around, but need an iRig or similar it seems. Stupid technology and real life. Anyway, The red light indicating the preamp is on never comes on, and while it will play passively through an amp the preamp just acts as an off switch. Tried so far: Change battery. Talk sternly to guitar. Cry. Now I was an utter beginner anyway with the tech side of things, so I’m only vaguely aware at best what the preamp actually does or why I have three volume controls. In my head the preamp will let me plug my bass into GarageBand without using anything but I suspect that is wishful thinking. In short, I guess I just want my red light back. Please explain as if you were speaking to a small child. A big, fat, bearded small child. TLDR: Dumbass has non working B2A Preamp - what do?!
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