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  1. Sorry both they are one unit. Someone grabbed it. It might one of few few very made. Totally professional job.
  2. Wow what a beautiful bass, is this price as low as it goes
  3. This bass has sadly been sold.

    1. Happy Jack

      Happy Jack

      Was it really very sad about it?

    2. IbanezGB10
  4. Custom made fender jazz bass and six string guitar. Very unusual and a collectors item. Natural finish. Quite heavy comes with a hard case. Would need to be collected or happy to deliver within 20 mile radius. I have had it for ages and bought it to double up as a bass player and guitarist but have hardly played it. I have now lost my job ( COVID) and need the money. Open to offers. Cash on delivery or Bank transfer please.
  5. SOLD Marcus Miller 4 string MIJ

  6. ***SOLD*** Marcus Miller Bass 4 String went to a really nice guy
  7. Just purchased a beautiful 5 String Smith from a member on this site. Just need to learn how to play it. Now trying to sell some of my stuff to pay for it and create space and peace at home.
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