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  1. SOLD Marcus Miller 4 string MIJ

  2. ***SOLD*** Marcus Miller Bass 4 String went to a really nice guy
  3. Just purchased a beautiful 5 String Smith from a member on this site. Just need to learn how to play it. Now trying to sell some of my stuff to pay for it and create space and peace at home.
  4. For sale my immaculate Sire Marcus Miller, V7, White £395 ono PRICE DROP £375 ono I am downsizing (been told to) so my bass is up for sale. To be fair I have only played it twice in 18 months. It is just like brand new. It is a 5 string with an alder body and a ‘C’ shape maple neck. Rosewood fretboard .34in long scale neck, with medium fret spacing. Marcus super jazz pickups 46mm width bone nut 18volt preamp. Really nice bass, but not being used. Sadly I need the cash due to lockdown
  5. Japanese Marcus Miller 4 String Jazz for sell. Hello I have recently joined this great forum. I have already purchased a bass. This has created an issue with me now having too many basses (according to my wife). I have this plus a couple others that I need to sell, for the sake of peace and quiet. Please see the pics below: it is a really nice look bass, in my opinion with everything working. I am open to offers.
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