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  1. I'm in. I always match these to the bass. So now I've got to find an orange bass...
  2. My first good bass - a 96 American Standard Precision bought new at the Wapping Bass Centre. Not a sentimental decision: it sounds, and feels, to me like a bass should.
  3. I remember asking my cello teacher about this. A long time ago, but as far as I can remember, she said string manufacturers use different silk windings to distinguish different gauges/tensions/materials etc and also that the winding at the peg end helps the string grip the peg and at the bridge end it helps damp down resonance between bridge and tailpiece. We were talking about strings for the violin family of course. On electric bass strings I suspect it's just to add an appearance of class.
  4. I got my Hohner B2A V new in around 2000. It plays so well, has an enormous voice and I used it as my main bass for a good while. I dug it out recently and gave it its first string change in 20 years. But disappointingly I find it hard work now - I'm getting on a bit and the low frets are a long stretch away. It makes my arm and neck ache. I put a capo on at the second fret which helps, though it's not ideal. But I love the sound it makes and it's still the easiest playing bass I've ever had.
  5. WingedWords


    I wanted a budget Jazz to defret and found this CIJ Noel Redding Signature in Colchester in Feb 99. I don't think it's any different from any other 65 Reissue and Noel Redding isn't a particular favourite of mine, but the association was a nice bonus. I remember seeing a picture of Noel signing a stack of pickguards at the 1997 NAMM, in the old Bassist magazine. It's a nicely made bass, too nice for me to muck about with, so it's still fretted. I never played it a lot - I think it showed me I'm a Precision sort of person, but it makes all the right Jazz Bass noises and I still think the Jazz is the most elegant design Uncle Leo ever came up with (especially in sunburst/tort.) It's staying with me.
  6. My first good bass.1996 American Standard, bought new from Wapping. I changed the pickguard from white, but it's stock otherwise. I had a period when I only played my Warwicks and a few years with hardly any bass playing at all, but since finding my way back I've not touched anything but this. A full rich bass sound and I love it.
  7. My 3 Corvette Standards. 96 5 string, 96 4 string (both bubinga/wenge), and 04 5 string fretless (ash/ovangkol/ebony).
  8. I'm currently building a 54 style P Bass and have ordered a McNelly pickup. I've used quite a few of Tim McNelly's pickups on Teles and a Jazzmaster so I'm confident it'll perform. https://www.homeoftone.co.uk/collections/bass-pickups/products/mcnelly-p-bass-single-coil-pickup?variant=19320967303 On another forum I was recommended these UK builders https://www.herrickpickups.com/products/tele-51-bass-single-coil/ http://www.bloodstoneguitarworks.com/shop/bass-pickups I've no experience of them. Here's a pic of the build so far.
  9. Ha Frank Black! I'd best steer clear of my other musical passion then.
  10. Thanks for the welcome all. The amp will stay where it is until my son can next visit! I'm very aware that in the past I've tended to spend too much time on party pieces like the Bach suites and not enough on the bassics. I've loved the suites for 50 years and thoroughly enjoy playing them, but what I'm enjoying hearing at the moment is how Robbie S and Aston B get so much out of not a lot. Realistically at my age I've no intention going out gigging: two of the friends I've played much with have died and one is a long way away and we've lost touch. But I've finally worked out how to use my old Boss Loop Station, I've got a new little drum machine pedal and I'm having a ball. A couple of gratuitous pics. My CiJ Noel Redding Jazz and the Hohner.
  11. I've been around guitars since 1968 and got my first bass in the mid 70s. A cheapie Shaftesbury EB3L copy which got sold to help fund my first real Tele. My main bass years were in the late 90s/early 00s and I accumulated a PB, a Jazz, and a trio of Warwick Corvettes. A Trace Elliott BLX150. All been in storage safely in a lined out and insulated loft space since I retired and moved house nearly 10 years ago and I've been spending time on classical guitar with lots of love still for Teles, a Jazzmaster, and slide on a resonator. But always room for a bass and the Hohner B2AV I got in about 1999 has been in the corner matched with a PJB Double 4 since I moved house. Over the past weeks (fortunate to be quite happy at home thanks) I've been using the bass to explore theory, harmony, chord building etc. And remembering how to play some of the Bach cello suites. I always loved my Corvettes, but it's been the Fenders that I've been playing this time round. Biggest problem at present is figuring how to get my Trace Elliott down from the loft on my own. The tiny PJB is amazing but I'd like to get a little air moving. Who do I listen to? Jack Bruce has always been No.1 since Cream - hence the EB3L and Warwicks. Jaco during his time with Joni Mitchell. The unsung pros like Carl Radle, Rob Stoner. James Jamerson and Duck Dunn of course. Robbie Shakespeare and Ashton Barrett. I like exploring the range covered by Bill Laswell and Jah Wobble. Mustn't forget Dave Holland. So many fine musicians and this lovely instrument will never let me go! With luck here's my 96 Am Std Precision, my first good bass and back at No.1
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