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  1. I’m based in Camberley Surrey.
  2. That’s another good shout. At least to eliminate the pickups. I’ll slave in a on from another bass
  3. Cheers John. The wiring has never been installed into the cavity. Only ever tested alongside the body either on the pick guard and more recently off the pick guard using crock clips and wiring to trouble shoot. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  4. Thanks Frank. Good to be here
  5. Hey all, wanted to say Hi and introduce myself. Bass player from Surrey, England. Been playing guitar and Bass for around 12 years. Big Fender fan. Main bass is now a Fender P with D’Addario Chrome Flats. Enjoy playing funk, RnB, soul and Jazz styles. 😁🎸
  6. Hi All, I recently wanted to upgrade my 5 string P Bass pots, wiring and jack. The original install had two mini alpha 250 k pots. I ordered two audio taper CTS 250k pots, a switchcraft jack socket and some wax wire 22 gauge. Before I started the wiring mods and removed all the black conductive paint and installed copper tape into all the cavities. Having wired the pots etc exactly as per standard P wiring diagrams from fender and Seymour Duncan, I connected to my amp and...... buzzing. Checked all the connections. No dry joints. Checked all the grounds from the bridge and the wire to the shielding.. All good. Pickups read 10.7 k ohms. Then I tried the pots. Tone works fine and sweeps as it should. Volume pot keeps cutting in and out and does not rise or fall in volume. When ever I touch and of the pot shafts or bridge etc I get a noise. I thought the issue was a faulty pot. So ordered another. Fitted two new pots for town and volume exactly as per before and ......... same again. Today I have soldered in the original alpha volume pot and this also cuts in and out now. I can’t figure out for the life of me what is going on. I did a video of what’s happening which I’ll try and load. Seems to be the volume is being affected by some thing else. I have tried three cts pots in the volume position now and all experience instability, cutting in and out, no rise or fall in volume. Would appreciate any help with trying to figure this out before I think about taking to a guitar tech. I’m an electronics engineer on aircraft by trade so quite embarrassing as you can image.
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