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  1. Id like to add to this and say i have had the exact same issue with about 10 sets of La Bella strings in the last 2 years. The sets I tried were 760fl, 760fs, 760fx and the LTFs. After about £500 spent desperately trying to find a set that worked, i have ONE SET of LTFs that work without a dodgy buzzing string that buzzes even at maxed action. La Bella sent replacements at first but when they were also faulty (either the same string buzzing or both G and D strings buzzing) they just started ignoring my emails. This company has literally just taken £500 and i have probably 9 faulty products at the end of it, and La Bella are now ghosting me. Dodgy AF company if you ask me, prepare for disappointment if buying their strings.
  2. Had a terrible experience purchasing strings from La Bella over the last 2 years ish, i'm down so much money I had to just write about it to maybe spare some other people the same fate. I'm an experience pro player of about 15 years. Ive used ALOT of different strings brands, mostly flats, and found that my favourite flatwound tone was la bella 760fl. I purchased a set of them and a set of 760fs, and a set of their LTFs. The D string of both 760fs and fl both produced a citar like buzzing in the high frets which persists at maximum action. I checked this on 4 different basses, all produced the same issue and none of these basses had any problems with TIs, Fenders, GHS, D'Addarios, Dunlops, Ernie Balls, Rotosounds etc. I contacted la bella and they replaced the dodgy strings. Exact same issue happened again this time the G also buzzed on the 760fl. I stuck with the LTFs as they worked fine and are great strings. I then purchased another set for another bass, but they had the same issue on the G string. Contacted la bella and they replaced the set. Same issue AGAIN. Since then I have tried a few more times to find a set that works. As it stands, I have bought about 10 sets of la bellas, and at the end of spending almost £500 i have ONE SET OF USEABLE STRINGS. These were not even the only issue; many of the sets came with a single string being a completely different colour and very different in tone and volume - much lower volume and high end. I have tried wearing in the sets and after about 2 years all the problems persist. La Bella are now just straight up ignoring my emails, in which I literally attach video and audio evidence of all the issues. I must have sent them 5, none of which they have replied to since last year I think. It's been an awful experience, and i recommend avoid this once great company.
  3. Cheers guys! will give them a go and see if they are the same.
  4. Hi guys, I've bought a bass with these AMAZING roundwound strings on. The guy I got it off has no idea what they are, and I'd love to find out. They are: - Darker in colour than regular roundwounds - Have uncoloured (bronze ish) ball-ends - Are very low tension, props extra light, which probs doesn't help much with Identifying They are definitely NOT: Dunlop Super Brights, D'addarios, Elites, DRs, Fenders. I'll attach a video with some audio Cheers! roundwounds mystery.mov
  5. Anyone know the fingerboard radius on these?
  6. Im assuming this is too late but i'd go for the P7 for recording. There's a good reason everyone brings a P to a recording session
  7. Yea same here, no pickup springs or foam but easy enough to fit i guess?
  8. I'd recommend Sire, I own a V7 (not a P yet but planning on getting one) and they really are amazing for the money. The necks are great, the action can be set amazingly low but i did have a high fret that needed sorting on mine no big deal tho and this happens at any price range. Knobs are totally fine, dont really know what people are talking about in this regard. Maybe a teeny bit loose feeling but nothing that'd ever affect u. Tuners are only noticeable thing. They are by no means bad but probs worth swapping out if you decide u like the bass and want to keep it. They are a little loose with some dead spots where turning does nothing and are easily bent. With all this in mind they are still absolute not brainers if you want a super versatile, great sounding active/passive bass that you dont have to worry too much about damaging
  9. Can anyone answer this? I'd like to install a passive bridge pickup (single coil) into a passive P bass, but i don't want it to change the tone of the split coil P pickup (when split coil is solo-d). I don't mind 60 cycle hum at all, i just dont know if the split coil tone itself will be affected. Anyone done it? Cheers all
  10. Wanted to share my recommendation for these basses. To my ears and experience, this would be considered incredible tone for a 1k plus bass. Just insane quality for such a low price. Tuners - nice and tight, the G peg has a zone where it gets a bit crunchy but still works well. Keeps its tuning very very well. I've installed an extra string retainer for the A string as it lacked a bit of punch, but i didnt worry about doing it on a bass this cheap. Fingerboard - no dead spots, no fretwork needed whatsoever, and the bass intonates like a dream, totally in tune chords up high with flats is no mean feat. Neck - obviously no finish makes it nice and smooth, quite thick front to back but nothing outrageous. Truss rod works great and the relief is surprisingly even on either side of the neck (so far!). Neck pocket is insanely tight - best fit on a bass ive ever seen. Pickup - really clean, traditional sound, i have absolutely no issue with the stock pickup and have no reason to change it. Electronics - smooth range on the volume and tone controls, no 'off-to-on' feeling you get with some basses. Good amount of high-end to play with as you can hear in the demo, for my tastes i could use a tiny bit more but this is an easy and cheap fix. Bridge works perfectly well, id prefer threaded saddles but the bridge was installed perfectly so I wouldnt want to change the string position if i could. Pretty ordinary weight, tuners are nice and light so very little neck dive. I expected this bass to be good value for money but i didnt expect to prefer it over my American Vintage Fender P. Maybe that will pass but right now I cant recommend these enough.
  11. I have just bought one, I can safely say YES!!!! Here's a short demo of mine: Incredible sound, honestly I can't tell it apart from a Fender 51 reissue P (10x the price). Mine came in great shape, no sticking out frets, neck pocket is WAY tighter than my American Vintage 62 P. Neck is nice, quite thick front to back but nothing ridiculous. No fret problems whatsoever. Truss rod works great. Tuners are fine, nice and tight which I like. Keeps its tuning as well as any bass i've owned. Tone and volume controls work great with great smooth range, no 'On or Off' feeling like with many cheaper basses and no crackling. Pickup sounds great, nice and clean. Only tiny thing was the A string lacked punch because of a shallow break angle, but installing a string retainer for like £3 totally fixed that. Bridge works fine, i would prefer threaded saddles to fiddle with string position but the bridge has been perfectly installed so i wouldnt want to move the strings from where they are anyway. I bought it as a bass to bring to jams, mates houses, festivals etc. but i am honestly preferring the sound to my American Vintage. 100% recommended
  12. Hey Chris, I have an avri 64 fender jazz bass, all original with HSC and pickup/bridge covers if you fancy that? Can post pics and audio if you like, it's a beast
  13. Is the truss rod working ok? And are you open to sending the bass by post?
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