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  1. Just bought these. Tested for the first time and to hear for my self what all the fuzz is about. Did NOT much care fot it I must say. Sounded cold and felt awquard to play, but maybe its just a matter of preference and getting used to. Thinking Im a round kinda guy flats
  2. zoid


    Hi. Can someone recomend any compresion pedals for an affordable price.? And also, would a used electrical equipment (e.g, pedals, amps) have a great risk of being redused in sound quality.? Thanks. Zoid.
  3. Hi. Are the circlels of fifths and fourths very essential to learn in understanding music theory.?
  4. Hi. Are the circle of fifths very essential for understanding music theory and is it often used by gitar and bass players(or any other musicians)for knowing which notes in each scale after practised for some time.? I find it very confusing and unpractical to use (even though its supposed to make it easier)
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