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  1. I didn't realize that? cheers i'll have a look nowNice one
  2. Spot on they are yes.. the bridge was badly coroded so i exchanged it but retained the brass saddles i have tuners on the way as one of the originals is slightly worn. Thanks for your comments and help. Nice one
  3. Yes of course I will post pics, the neckplate states made in japan also read somewhere that they where produced by the fujigen factory from 78-85 but can't confirm this as there is no follow up from a thread in an Australian forum? What I will say is I have two squiers a classic vibe p bass and a vintage modified jazz and this thing is deeper low end and growls more high end it's really good. Confused how something I got for nothing blowing two guitars I paid decent money for out of the water.
  4. I'm useless lol I thought I was only on this thread😂😂I'm sorry I'm quite new to forums and stuff but enjoy reading them and occasionally contributing, my fault entirely👍
  5. Not the same? the profile neck has the truss rod adjusted from the bass of the neck and not the top as in that one! a feature that was common in builds early on I'm led to believe. I found a profile black magic bass that was part of that line of guitars and they too have adjustment from bottom ie slot for access in pickguard. Weird there is no real info it's a really nice solid guitar.
  6. Hi. Just got given one of these in a house clearance? Never heard of them? And I play bass. What is intriguing is the class of the guitar it has 79 wrote in the neck pocket and has a beautiful neck. The body has a few dinks but nothing serious however the bridge is rusty as are the volume and tone knobs. Just stripped it down to renovate but want to keep it as original as I can, any info on them would be appreciated.
  7. i have always been decent at setting guitars up, fret leveling, sanding, intonation and generally straightening guitars out for people, i'm like i said just learning Bass and there's always stuff to do with a guitar? hence the tools cheers spondon.
  8. That's quite possible but i already soldered the 62 pups into this and what a difference
  9. Cheers Mango about needing more gear? just bought a set of 62 fender p base pups, a ibanez short scale tbm 30 a blinkin boss rc3 loop foot pedal. loads of luthier stuff but on a brighter note thanks for your welcome, its good to be here, stay safe down there👍
  10. Well that's cool they come with 105s on so all good yes it was a bargain, first time I've been that lucky in a while! the only reason i chose it is because i was looking at a jaguar short scale, but it was really expensive and this ibanez popped up so i checked a few reviews and snatched it on the strength of those👍 i will post a pic when it comes either tomorrow or mon? it has been dispatched as have the fender vintage pups so gonna be busy setting up thanks for the info and taking time out to help, much appreciated.
  11. yep i'm confused too i do want the low end thump, its just that someone mentioned changing the cap to an orange drop improves the range of the tone? i think listening to your explanation, i will just load the vintage pups when they come (still waiting) and see what happens i don't really understand the electronic side of it? give me fret levelling adjustment and set up and i'm fine, thanks again hooky👍stay safe. p.s just copped for a damaged ibanez tmb30 shortscale in black, brand new but a scratch on the back (retailer couldnt sell it? so for 70 quid i reckon its a bargain waiting for that delivery too always fancied a short scale as i used to play guitar the write up and reviews on them are pretty decent, so excited to get my hands on one.
  12. Sorry late getting back been in shed all day levelling frets with a beam on a guitar neck😶 the stock pickups sound a bit muffled tbh i have a squier jazz vm and a epi thunderbird that knocks spots off the p bass? regarding tone and the thump i would expect from the p bass? so i thought pick ups, i really like the p bass its a nicer guitar, easy to play, with a good action, i just cant get the sound out of it i want, its prob got 250k pots in it whilst the jazz will have 500ks in and i thought the fender pups might need to have the cap changed on the pots? i am a coded welder by trade, so should be able to solder the connections and thanks for taking the time to answer my post it really is appreciated👍 cheers hooky
  13. Ha ha agreed thanks for your welcome Skybone 👍 much appreciated
  14. Hiya Dave i used to work on birkenhead waterfront at the side of Cammel lairds, so i know the wirral and surrounding areas quite well thanks for the welcome👍
  15. Cheers fellow red Yes glad to be here, thanks for the welcome Ed👍
  16. i have the squier 70s classic vibe p bass with fender vintage pups arriving in the post shortly, will these fit straight in by connecting the two wires or will i have to change the tone cap too? bit confused on this issue with caps, regards all.
  17. Hi Frank 👍hope everyone is keeping safe👍
  18. hiya Teebs cheers glad to be here thanks for your welcome.
  19. cheers skankdelvar glad to be here thanks for your welcome.
  20. cheers spondon glad to be here thanks for your welcome.
  21. cheers Dad though at my age i reckon that's me!😜 thanks for your welcome👍 will look forward to spending some time here regards.
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