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  1. Lovely looking bass, nearly a birthday bass too! Glwts.
  2. Stunning. If I had a spare grand I know where it would be going now. Good luck with the sale.
  3. Saw this recently too, yet to watch it straight through but the bits I have watched and re-watched are superb! Also, considering they're not part of a major label, playing MSG is a feat in itself.
  4. I haven't received it yet, when it does come I'll send you a PM with my thoughts! I do know that in general, Vintage brand instruments are quite well received and worth their money.
  5. Looks great, would have snapped it up had I not just ordered a 'Vintage' JB74!. Glwts.
  6. Hi everyone! I hope you are all well, safe and happy as can be at the moment. I'm Joe from the West Midlands. I was a member a few years ago but cannot for the life of me remember my username! (Wasn't very active so nobody would remember me). With the current situation I've been getting back into the Bass to save me from the mindless boredom. I currently have a Jazz copy (Chord CJB62) which is bloody awful to be honest, the action is higher than Ozzy Osbourne in the 80s and it could show the red arrows how to execute a proper nose dive. (Are all jazzes so neck heavy? Bear in mind I play sitting down). I've found Rocksmith a great tool to get me started as i find it more fun to play along to songs I know, anyone else play this? Gear plans so far are to get either a Squier Affinity Jazz or a Vintage VJ74 and potentially modify them a little, hopefully they feel better than my Chord..... Going to stay away from the for sale section as you're all giving me terrible GAS which is starting to drive the wife mad I think. Nice to meet you all.
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