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  1. spending a lot of time with "All the Good Stuff: How I Practice" by Janek Gwizdala - excellent excercises

    1. Drax


      Yep great book. I've been revisiting his II V i book on lockdown too, good workout and lots of stuff you can apply 

  2. I recently purchased a pair of the phil jones ones just to see what they are like.... They seem a bit flimsy in construction compared to my usual sennheisers, however they are cheap to buy.. the bass response and volume levels are excellent, they are light and comfortable and don't seem to colour the sound.
  3. I just received Quents Active P-bass special, its exactly as described, was perfectly packaged (it took me 15 minutes to find a way in). The whole transaction was easy with great communication throughout, very happy.. Cheers again Quent, pleasure dealing with you.
  4. It seems to fray like silk but who knows.. I guess you could bleach it and dye it any colour you want, just dipping the ends of the strings... It would be nice to have the silks match headstock colour I guess...
  5. If it helps Labella 760fs-b come with black silks at the tuner end and no silk at the ball end.. The ball ends are all unpainted brass.. At least my last set did.
  6. Rocco Prestia played one that looks identical to mine for a while with Tower of Power https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AmxCFpDkcuk&feature=youtu.be
  7. I have a fernandes apb-90, it was my first 'proper' bass, purchased in Holland in the early 1990's.. wonderful instrument, superb slim neck and it never let me down at the time. I didn't really realise how well made it is for quite a while....
  8. Hello fellow bassists. First Post here despite being a long term lurker without an account. I wanted to leave some feedback for @alembic1989.. I've just acquired his greco gob1200 speedway. Lovely instrument exactly as described and I'm very happy, easy transaction and a nice guy who's done a wonderful job of refurbishing it.. That's all folks.... Thanks again
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