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  1. All parts original, recently refretted and checked up by Joseph Kaye. Accepting trades & offers with some return in cash.
  2. £1000 shipping included now – needs to go soon...
  3. Hey @haimesy. I think it is a 34.25'' scale. No case unfortunately, but I will make sure to pack it very well. Cheers, Diego
  4. Selling a Jabba Classic 5. Will accept reasonable offers. Shipping included to anywhere in the UK at £1100.
  5. Ashdown ABM600 I got on a trade here at the forum. Great amp, just don't have the right cab for it right now.
  6. Hard to tell still – looks like most 70s go from £1500-2700 on Reverb, whilst modern ones go for £1000ish. Changed the price to £1700. Thanks for your feedback though!
  7. This is great feedback, thanks Thunderbird. How much would you say this should go for? I haven't found many of them on eBay/Reverb so it is hard to tell. Thanks
  8. Accepting trades + good amount of cash. Needs to go in the next 5 days.
  9. Good 3/4 bass for sale. I think it is a Hybrid, but I have very little information (and knowledge) about upright basses. I bought it for the same price earlier this year. Selling because I have a good opportunity to buy an electric bass I've been looking for a while.
  10. Thanks all. This has to go soon otherwise I'll lose a good deal. Accepting offers!
  11. This one really has to go soon otherwise I'll lose the opportunity to buy some other gear I'm keen to close. Accepting offers!
  12. Hi @ash, just weighted it on a bathroom scale and it is ~4.5kg.
  13. Bought recently, selling because got an opportunity to buy another bass I've looking for for a while.
  14. Great bass, just recently bought it but got an opportunity to buy a bass I've wanted for a while so it has to go.
  15. Hi @Figiss, here's it. Not clear pictures of cavities, but there is no routing on the body.
  16. Hi @Reggaebass. It is a B profile neck, so I believe it's something pretty close to 1.625"
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