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  1. Early band pic. EB3 short scale Gibbo
  2. Giffro


    Old band pic from 1978...I loved that great little EB3 short scale.
  3. Giffro

    Peavey T-40

    Couple pics of my 1979 T-40, seeing as how this thread is revived lol 2 Tone Charts some may find helpful and interesting.
  4. Hi Russ. You joined in 2014 and havent posted since then...I joined this week and haven't stopped posting loll My missus is from Nottingham...that's right..she married an Aussie loll She said..."Ay up miduck" Darn woman...always has me wondering what she said. Time she learnt a bit of my language... Strine lol Have fun Russ and don't fall asleep for 6 years again..lol
  5. The missus seemed to get a giggle from your reply and said "Ay up miduck"
  6. Oh and there is this...
  7. Well somebody had to do it.
  8. A few pics of my 2017 EB Music Man SR5. Last pic she's shown with a friend.
  9. Ernie Ball Music Man 2017 Model SR 5 string HH fitted with DR White Neon Strings Sterling By Music Man Ray 4 S.U.B. Bass I bought for my wife to learn bass on.
  10. Giffro

    Show us your rig!

    Peavey MKIV SS Head and 1820 Cab bought circa mid 80's and still going strong 30+ years later. Cab comprises 1x18" Black Widow and 2x10" Scorpions Fender Rumble 500 Combo and ext 115 Rumble cab. Great rig also. 2017 Ric 4003, 1991 Peavey Dyna Bass, 1979 Peavey T-40, 2017 EBMM SR5HH
  11. Giffro


    Found some old pics which arent very good but may as well post anyway. 1976 Band pic with 4000 Ric Azureglo (early non metallic Blue) 1985 Band pic with 4003 Ric Fireglo Red stage lights spoiling pic of '80's Ric Fireglo next to Maton Fretless Pro Current 2017 Model 4003 Fireglo In Various Poses
  12. Ok Wombat..my wife (From Nottingham) wanted you to know this, and I quote her loll... "By Eckers like lad, ecky thump is of Norse origin and is used widely throughout the Midlands, North Midlands, North Staffordshire and Yorkshire (by the way Northern England) and was still England when I went to school." Btw..she argues with me all the time as well lolll (Must be a Notty thing loll)
  13. Giffro

    Old '60s Maton

    Dunno if you may like the pdf info on the bass from Maton..i'll post it anyway. I still own a Maton JB4 Pro Fretless..finest made bass I have ever owned. IbisGuitar&Bass.pdf
  14. Bonza job..looks great cobber! errr translating my Aussie speak to UK chat...Excellent job..looks great mate!
  15. Back in the early 70's I had an Aussie made Lenard GB-150 bass amp which was quite a good amp coupled to a Lenard cab with 4x12" Etone speakers. One night at a gig in a 3 piece pop type band I blew a fuse in the head and didnt have a spare so the guitarist said "here plug into my amp". I refused and said that I would likely blow it up. He insisted and I reluctantly agreed and said I'll just play very quietly. 1 note on the bass, pop and magic blue Genie smoke appeared from the top of his amp. Admittedly his amp was a guitar amp and I shouldnt have plugged up but hey..he insisted lol It was an early 70's Yamaha TA-60..see the pic. Probably my first bass amp in the 60's was a Goldentone BassMaster 60 (Pic supplied)..definately the worst amp i've ever had..no guts or glory loll
  16. Thanks Ricky 4000, Teebs and Wombat for the welcome messages. Hey Wombat..I actually had a nic similar to yours years ago on some music forum..Dances With Wombats..I believe was the nic loll..time to revive it lol Spent the last 3 years or so over on that other talky bass chat program..decided I needed a change seeing as how I married a pom..lol She has me saying all these odd English phrases now too lol..by eckers like.. I think she means something akin to golly look at that loll..Its been 12 years together and I'm still trying to understand her quaint Nottingham chat..NottyTalk I call it loll
  17. Thanks for the welcome. So true about Matons..my JB4 Pro is a delight..the only pic I have of her is under red stage lights but the bass had a glorious polished gloss finish so when my son has finished with it I intend to rip around to his place and grab her back lol. The bass had a cannon plug on the lower body for recording direct to a sound engineers desk. Best made bass I have ever owned..the neck / body heel joint was a work of art.
  18. Hi Guys and Girls. I've been an Adelaide working bass player for over 50 years and worked most pub and club gigs throughout my city and country areas of South Aust. and Victoria. I got remarried to a great English girl from Nottingham after she moved here in 2015. I did 700 home recordings for her while we were apart (her in UK and me in Adelaide) and as she is partially deaf and wears 2 hearing aids she asked me if I would record the bass louder to the songs, so she could hear it better. I have recordings of some of those on the recording thread, so please persevere if you find the bass overly loud..it was done purposely for her. I have mainly used my Peavey Dyna Bass 5 string for gig work and recording since buying it from the US in 1991. It has been my main workhorse for the past nearly 30 years, although my current stable of basses includes a beautiful 2017 Rickenbacker 4003, an Ernie Ball Music Man SRHH 5 string fitted with DR Neon Whites, a 1979 Peavey T-40, a Fender ABG, a Samick Artist Series 4 and a Sterling By Music Man S.U.B bass for my wife to learn bass on. I am a Rotosound string user mainly and only use a pick. I have run my Peavey Dyna Bass through a Peavey MKIV head and Peavey 1820 cab since '91 and that rig still sounds great all these years later..she really moves some air. I also own a Fender Rumble 500 Combo with a Fender extension 115 cab, plus a Fender Rumble 75 tiltback combo, with a 12" Special Design Fender Speaker which I use as a home practise amp I remember when I first started playing bass back in the dim dark mid to late 60's, my dear old dad bought me a rough home made P style bass from a pawn-brokers shop and only because I pestered him for 6 months lol Within another month and more pestering dad bought me a beat up Goldentone amp to go with the bass from that same lucky pawnbroker shop. I gigged an Australian made Lenard amp in the 70's and a Marshall Super Bass in the 80's and owned 2 Rickenbacker basses in that era that I regret selling..a beaut blue 4000 single pup model and a FireGlo 4003..I kick myself these days for letting those 2 basses go. I also sold a great Gibson short scale EB3 in the 80's which I should have also kept..the dopey things you do and later regret. I have an Aussie made Maton Fretless 4 that my son is using..he better be looking after it. I'm sure I will enjoy my time here with all you bass players on BassChat.
  19. Hi guys and girls..new here. Bass player for 50 or so years in Adelaide. Short story on the thread title..I courted my current wife online over a 5 year period before she moved from Nottingham UK to Australia to join me here in South Australia and we married in 2015. Because she is partially deaf and whilst living in the UK, she asked if I could send her some of my bass playing songs, but asked please make the bass prominent so she could hear it, so I recorded approx 700 bass prominent songs for her. That is why the bass stands out louder, so no apologies for that, or my average playing, mistakes and all lol Some examples uploaded. All recordings were done on my 1991 Peavey Dyna Bass 5 string. Baby Wants To Rock Giff Bass.mp3 Body & The Beat Giff Bass.mp3 Come Said The Boy Giff Bass.mp3 Coming Home Giff Bass.mp3 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Giff Bass.mp3 First Time Giff Bass.mp3 Forever Me And You (Rick Price) Giff Bass.mp3 From Time To Time Giff Bass.mp3 Heart In Danger (Southern Sons) Giff Bass.mp3 Heartache Tonight (Eagles) Giff Bass.mp3 I Cant Stop Loving You (Keith Urban) Giff Bass.mp3 I Know How The River Feels Giff Bass.mp3 I See You In Everyone Giff Bass.mp3 Jailbreak Giff Bass.mp3 Lets Dance (Chris Rea) Giff Bass.mp3 Life In The Fast Lane (Eagles) Giff Bass.mp3 Lights (Styx) Giff Bass.mp3 Love At First Sight (Styx) Giff Bass.mp3 Magic (ONJ and ELO) Giff Bass.mp3 Making Memories Of Us (Keith Urban) Giff Bass.mp3 Manuela Run Giff Bass.mp3 No More Cloudy Days (Eagles) Giff Bass.mp3 No Reins On Me (Little River Band) Giff Bass.mp3 No Second Prize (Jimmy Barnes) Giff Bass.mp3 No Secrets (The Angels) Giff Bass.mp3 No Time (Mondo Rock) Giff Bass.mp3 Power Of Love (Huey Lewis) Giff Bass.mp3 Rockin' The Paradise (Styx) Giff Bass.mp3 Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh) Giff Bass.mp3 Somebody (Eagles) Giff Bass.mp3 Song For Guy (Elton John Instrumental) Giff Bass.mp3 State Of The Heart (Mondo Rock Aussie) Giff Bass.mp3 Tell Me What You Dream (Restless Heart) Giff Bass.mp3 Tonight I Wanna Cry (Keith Urban) Giff Bass.mp3 Too Much Time On My Hands (Styx) Giff Bass.mp3 Underground (Men At Work) Giff Bass.mp3 Waiting All My Life (Rascal Flatts) Giff Bass.mp3 We Are One - I Am Australian (Lo-Tel AUSSIE) Giff Bass.mp3 When You Come Back To Me Again (Garth Brooks) Giff Bass.mp3
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