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  1. Early band pic. EB3 short scale Gibbo
  2. Giffro


    Old band pic from 1978...I loved that great little EB3 short scale.
  3. Couple pics of my 1979 T-40, seeing as how this thread is revived lol 2 Tone Charts some may find helpful and interesting.
  4. Hi Russ. You joined in 2014 and havent posted since then...I joined this week and haven't stopped posting loll My missus is from Nottingham...that's right..she married an Aussie loll She said..."Ay up miduck" Darn woman...always has me wondering what she said. Time she learnt a bit of my language... Strine lol Have fun Russ and don't fall asleep for 6 years again..lol
  5. The missus seemed to get a giggle from your reply and said "Ay up miduck"
  6. Well somebody had to do it.
  7. A few pics of my 2017 EB Music Man SR5. Last pic she's shown with a friend.
  8. Ernie Ball Music Man 2017 Model SR 5 string HH fitted with DR White Neon Strings Sterling By Music Man Ray 4 S.U.B. Bass I bought for my wife to learn bass on.
  9. Peavey MKIV SS Head and 1820 Cab bought circa mid 80's and still going strong 30+ years later. Cab comprises 1x18" Black Widow and 2x10" Scorpions Fender Rumble 500 Combo and ext 115 Rumble cab. Great rig also. 2017 Ric 4003, 1991 Peavey Dyna Bass, 1979 Peavey T-40, 2017 EBMM SR5HH
  10. Found some old pics which arent very good but may as well post anyway. 1976 Band pic with 4000 Ric Azureglo (early non metallic Blue) 1985 Band pic with 4003 Ric Fireglo Red stage lights spoiling pic of '80's Ric Fireglo next to Maton Fretless Pro Current 2017 Model 4003 Fireglo In Various Poses
  11. Ok Wombat..my wife (From Nottingham) wanted you to know this, and I quote her loll... "By Eckers like lad, ecky thump is of Norse origin and is used widely throughout the Midlands, North Midlands, North Staffordshire and Yorkshire (by the way Northern England) and was still England when I went to school." Btw..she argues with me all the time as well lolll (Must be a Notty thing loll)
  12. Dunno if you may like the pdf info on the bass from Maton..i'll post it anyway. I still own a Maton JB4 Pro Fretless..finest made bass I have ever owned. IbisGuitar&Bass.pdf
  13. Bonza job..looks great cobber! errr translating my Aussie speak to UK chat...Excellent job..looks great mate!
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