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  1. Bought a Ken Smith 6string from him, great deal, great guy, everything went just fine, he handled everything patiently, accurately and smoothly. Can absolutely recommend! Thank you!
  2. Thanks! So that would be bass, lower mids, high mids, Treble? Or bass, parametric mid frequency, parametric mid level, treble?
  3. One gorgeous instrument! What kind of electronics does it use? Bass/mid/treb vol, pan, single/series/parallel switch?
  4. For years and years, I heard praise that Pedulla Buzz basses were the best fretless basses on this planet - until I got one and figured that these propably are the best fretless basses on this planet. I'd be drooling all over this one If I didn't have a Hexabuzz already - especially since Pedulla stopped making basses. Guys - get one while you can!
  5. Extraordinary and superb sounding instruments, Laurus basses should be much more widely known. Unfortunately, I'm not in the market for a 5 string right now. Fantastic instrument, though.
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