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  1. Thanks, Richard. I've put 9th May in my diary. I'll definitely bring the Framus if it's finished by then.
  2. Hi everyone, I started playing bass when I was in my teens. I got a holiday job for the Easter school holiday and blew every penny I'd earned (£15!!) on a Framus Star Bass. I gave up after a short while - probably didn't help the joint between the neck and body was shot which made the Framus almost unplayable anywhere above the fourth fret! I then took it up again in my 30s, having mended the neck joint!! I play in a barn dance and ceilidh band called the Reel Hot Ceilidh Peppers. I've been using an Ibanez Soundgear bass for many years, but have just got a Fender Precision Lyte. I use a Hartke HA3500 amp with two Hartke Hydrive112 cabinets. I've also got a Vox White Shadow fretless with EMG pickups and a Hofner HAB-01E acoustic bass. I still have the Framus Star Bass which is currently having a re-fret and a few other repairs. Cheers, Peter
  3. I've had this recently with a crossover. Problem turned out to be a dodgy lead on a resistor which snapped off. so same effect as it coming unsoldered. Replaced it and speaker was good as new.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm new on here, so hello!! I'm in the process of renovating a 1960s Framus Star Bass. I've got a local luthier doing the mechanical stuff including re-fretting and repairing the neck joint to the body, but he's suggested that I do the wiring. The control pots are shot and the insulation has all gone brittle and is falling apart, so he's removed wiring the loom and given it back to me to re-build. But I'm puzzled by the logic of how it's wired. I can't see any reason why there's a resistor between the pickups and the volume control. The output level is also very low, so this can't be helping. I want to keep the outside appearance as original as possible but, unless anyone knows of a reason for the fixed resistors, I'm going to do away with both of them and use a more normal set-up. Any advice gratefully received!!
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