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  1. This is just superb collection! For me, headless Sei Flamboyant is one of the most beautiful bass body shapes ever made. 👍👍👍
  2. Wow! All these are wonderful! And the Seis - Flamboyant headless is for me one of the most beautiful bass designs ever made!
  3. All the instruments I ever player that were designer by Ned Steinberger were just pure pleasure to play, super comfortable. I found the sound very interesting. Almost synth like. But when I saw it once being played in the band, I didn't hear the bass at all. I would like to buy a fretless one and play on it classical cello stuff. But I have to practice for a few years to be able to do this.
  4. Hello, I really like The NS. How does it sound in a mix? I saw some videos with it and the sound was so perfect and polished... Sometimes this hi-tech instruments have tendency to be a little lost in the mix. This one Is gorgeous.
  5. Hello, few years back I found an article (maybe in BassPlayer) an interview between Anthony Jackson and James Jamerson Jr. They discussed some less known basslines by James Jamerson and it was very interesting. Unfortunately I can´t find it anywhere. Does anyone know where to find it?
  6. ... and this is one of my favourites ....
  7. My marmite Quantum 😎
  8. Yeah, it is definitely a mojo. Even some fancy Fenders and MusicMans couldn´t break it.
  9. Fortunatelly I think SRs are quite easy to buy now here on our local trading website are now two SR800 ,red laquer for 235 £ and 300 £. Quite nice for a bass that costed something like two P-basses back in the years.. I could sell you my personal SR500 (same hardware as SR800 except bridge, but Korea made) if you were interested.. In the shop it sounded and felt even better than SR800 which was also there. And it is a rare sunburst.... But yeah, I know we always want higher type number and Made in Japan...
  10. Hello, my name is Tom and I am bassplayer form Czech republic. I am not a pro, I work as an architect and as a father of two kids. I´ve been playing for 25 years in various bands. Nowadays I play mostly at home just to study music and understand it better. My main goal now is to become good sightreader spending my time mostly with "Simandl Double Bass Method" and "Standing In The Shadows Of Motown" books. I play mostly more than 30 years old P bass of unknown origin looking really ugly but sounding very sweet. She has two vintage Jazzbass pickups installed on a heavy sapele body, some vintage Japanese neck and Schaller hardware. You see, it is little bit like a Frankenstein monster... I have more axes of various nice brands (I can tell you about later), but this one is just something like Billy Sheehans "Wife".
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