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  1. I listen to a lot of Prog Rock, but I have neither the skill, nor the patience, to get my playing chops up to the standard of my heroes! Weekend Warrior, me.
  2. Naff things that vocalists say (during the song)

    Lead vox: "This next ones originally by the late Brittney Spears" Guitard, looking concerned - "Didn't know she'd died" Lead Vox: "No <looks pointedly at watch> she's just late" Cue Toxic
  3. 8-String (Octave pairs) build about to start - advice please

    I'm no expert, but the Warwick parts bin seems to have a variety of 8 string bridges [url="https://shop.warwick.de/?&lang=en&modul=shop_new&site=shop_overview&lang=&ctree=D0405358001321517424A43801|D0936787001489054649A277|D0944972001452001230A138"]https://shop.warwick...01452001230A138[/url] (not cheap, mind)
  4. Best place to sell old vinyl?

    I too have been happily using Discogs to clear my vinyl backlog. As for packing/shipping - I use mailers from Covers33. http://www.covers33.co.uk/ I have a Word document set up with premade messages for all eventualities, so communicating with customers is largely just a matter of copy and paste. And Discog sales fees don't seem as harsh as eBay.
  5. Manchester benefit gig

    [quote name='hiram.k.hackenbacker' timestamp='1496758588' post='3313678'] Somewhere Over The Rainbow is one of those songs that you can do as little or as much as you like with as there is so much space within it. I've yet to hear anyone top Streisand's interpretation. AG's version was quite tame in comparison. [/quote] Now John Martyn's live version is hard to beat - some gorgeous fretless bass playing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DusYf1CNVXw
  6. Midland Bass Bash 4 13/05/2017

    [quote name='Chris Sharman' timestamp='1495285366' post='3302711'] For the benefit of Marillion Red, Nick A, and others who asked; Jon Shuker has confirmed that the strings on my Shuker Uberhorn fretless 5 are indeed D'Addario chromes. Feel free to release GAS at your chosen string supplier. [/quote] Thank you Chris! Ordered - GAS released!
  7. Midland Bass Bash 4 13/05/2017

    Great event - thanks for organising again Si! Those Alembics - just wow! Talked to many lovely people who generously let me have a go on their treasures. Just what were those silky smooth flat strings on the various fretless 5s please? GAS.
  8. Micro Thumpinator

    What the OP said! Wouldn't be without it now! Built like a tank too - I "accidently" used an 18V power supply instead of a 9V one. Stopped working, but a quick email to the makers was replied to by return, and revealed there is a small sacrificial removable diode in circuit to protect the main workings. 25p replacement part later and back in business!
  9. Midland Bass Bash 4 13/05/2017

    Missed last year, so I plan to attend this time. Think the regulars have seen my basses so probably won't bring much. Just the Warwick Dolphin SN and the Letts fretless?
  10. Best cars for shifting gear?

    [quote name='barneyg42' timestamp='1483945412' post='3211231'] But what a way to turn up at a gig!!! [/quote] Getting home afterwards, on the other hand.......
  11. Hi Tension (showing my age) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48kbF4jc84w
  12. Favourite album from 2016?

    F.E.A.R. by Marillion. Dark, brooding, intelligent, thought provoking. And some gorgeous bass playing by Pete Trewavas, beautifully recorded and mixed by Mike Hunter. Truly staggering.
  13. How was your gig last night?

    [quote name='radiophonic' timestamp='1480684405' post='3186391'] Triainwreck of a gig at the Shed in Leicester. Good venue, decent PA, amiable sound guy, what could go wrong? The two local headliners pulled out on the day, taking any likely midweek audience with them, leaving the three out of town acts to play to each other. As the highest billed of the original 5, we were forced to headline and yet again somebody needed a bass amp. No parking outside the venue so had to resort to NCP and the headline slot pushed me into the 4+ hours bracket leaving me stung for 15 quid at the end of the night. Icing on the cake. Why am I doing this to myself? I can now say I headlined The Shed, I suppose. [/quote] Had a fairly similar experience a few years ago on a Glastonbudget audition gig there. Freezing cold Sunday night, three Leicester acts with their own audience, us from Nottingham could only muster up a few hardy souls to travel. Local bands fans left after mates had played leaving us with the soundman and doorman to play to, pretty much. At least we got a few useable videos for YouTube out of it but it was a tad soul destroying. And no we didn't get the Glastonbudget slot - how good you were considered was based on how many fans you brought, it seems.
  14. Where's all the Warwicks?

    [quote name='Len_derby' timestamp='1479454290' post='3176611'] Basschat Bass Bashes. I'd never touched a Warwick until the 2015 Midlands bash. Now I'm the owner of a pre-loved German 5 string Corvette which is my main gigging bass for the folk-punk original band. [/quote] Result!
  15. You only have to punch the rhythm into a good drummer once. (I'll get my coat.....)