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  1. Youtube can be quite motivating and a godsend when trying to learn a bass line but really demoralising when you see the talented kids a quarter of your age. The internet is perfect for those of us who can't get around; no car and don't know any or are uncomfortable with musicians.
  2. Electricity by OMD. Annoyingly hard to play the bass-line accurately but still fun, sort of. Mcluskey here reminds me of the fella who had the bar in Cheers.
  3. Hey, thanks for welcomes fellas. Roofies eh? that brings back memories...not all good!. Spent a bit of time in Elmsall and Kirby up to no good as a teen too; Brookies club? Don't get up town these days; I think the scene's changed, especially for "garage" bands. There was Players, Snooty Fox, O'Dees and metal pubs like The Raven, The Chance, Beehive, The Black Rock and The Jockey; All either gone or changed somehow. It was the Greyhound in Ponty for bands wasn't it? Tend to go to the West Riding at Dewsbury now. Well, been checking the forum and now know a lot more about Squier P basses and Jazz; probably go for a second hand CV. Catch you later Andy
  4. Hello there, how's it going? Just joined the forum and have been practicing since summer after not playing for over 20 years. I'm using my hideous old Westfield 5 string with the fat string tuned to E, through a pals guitar practice amp; just playing root notes along to simple music like Sweet Jane and Mull of Kintyre at the moment and still struggling with that and base of the thumb strain from trying to "1 finger 1 fret". On the look out for a Squire Affinity bass pack to mess around with. My likes are simple melodic pop music, 60's French yeah yeah girl and weird psych, electro/dream pop and shoegaze; actually I go through phases of liking anything. Bass players I like are Hooky, Mani and JJ Burnel although I'm pretty much in awe of most bass players when I see live music. I hope to learn a lot from the forum; it's already helped me. Cheers Andy
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