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  1. Always generate and be enthusiastic when you 're going to play !!!!

    So a nap after a day 's work and before football  5 vs 5 and an acoustic pub !!!

    Sometimes a rock&roll life is so hard !!


  2. Hi ! Do you sale it and ship to France ???? I'm looking for spector rebop in red in PJ config !
  3. Non pas vraiment , c'est plus pour les occases qui sont bien sympa ici et comme il y a déjà quelques forumeur d'onlybass ! Je suis sur Talk bass aussi et est testé l'achat d'une peavey cirrus New old stock de 1999 , le mec la trouvait injouable mais n'avair pas changer les cordes qui avait 17 ans !! Mais LLLLLOOOOOLLLLLL !
  4. Hi ! Do you sale and ship it to France ? And waht's the ding near the electro trap !!!! Thx !
  5. Just realised that in French Basschat = the cat who plays bass 🙂 Heureusement qu'il n'y a pas de " e " à la fin !!!
  6. So i don't practice english , only when i sing ! Thank you for this new experience ! i'm coming from Only Bass the French ( LLLLLOOOOOLLLLLL is not in French words ) Forum ! i 'm 53 years old and i began bass when i was 14 years ! Jam , Pub with 45 years old friends and my brother a guitarist ( nobody is perfect ! ) A new Band a Punk, Funk, métal , blues band with a young woman drummer 47 years old and she says no under 110 bpm please i'm boring !!!! Where is my pick quick !!! i 'm learning to be a " luthier " and this is the Sound ! euhhh the pic !!! Sorry Mr Maruz !!
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