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  1. Urm, these days it's Neil Stacey. 😉
  2. Used to be my favourite guitar player. 😉
  3. A dolphin in the mountains, quite interesting. 😁
  4. Thanks everyone. I see that the gunslingers are fully loaded. 🤣
  5. Hi guys, as I said being a lefty girl means I'm in big trouble here. I'd like to start playing bass, so instead of just watching this website, I decided to subscribe. I liked metal a lot, but now, thanks to my loving husband I really love jazz music and fusion. I also love taking photos and the photo comp has lots of good entries every month, so I'll be in next time, for sure. And I love cats too, so will be looking at the BassChat cats thread very often. That's it for now. 🤘😸
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