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  1. Excellent to deal with. Thank you for the sale, Paul.
  2. Hi, I’m interested in the Broughton high/ low pass filter. Pm incoming. Andy
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Hi all. I recently bought a Goliath jr to replace a Triad that I’d owned from new and to use with my faithful Eden WT 400. Sadly when I received it, I discovered one of the PAS drivers was open circuit. Luckily I bought cheap so I looked into replacement drivers. After much research and contacting Eminence, I bought a pair of CA 10s. They give me 400watts at 4ohms. For such a tiny cab, this thing is awsome! They seem very balanced tone wise and have a lovely growl. I’ve no idea how close they are to the original PAS speakers, but I have to say I love the sound of these speakers in this cab.....so much so that I’ve decided to sell my XLT. Hope this helps anyone with a poorly Goliath jr!!!!
  5. Have contacted Marshall and they have the Eden limiter bulbs in stock for £1.50 each so I bought 3!!!! Thanks again for your help and input. Hope this helps other people too.
  6. That’s a fantastic suggestion, thank you.
  7. Thanks again for your input! The searches I’ve put in for the 211-2 bulb all take me to the USA!!!! Just wondered if anyone knew of a UK source. I’m hoping my bodge is going to last. 😀
  8. Hi all. I noticed the tweeter wasn’t working in my Goliath jr 2 cab and discovered a failed limiter Bulb in the crossover circuit. Having struggled to find a direct replacement, I sourced some 12v 10w Osram bulbs from RS components. These bulbs have an 8mm holder whereas the original is 10mm. So I decided a simple fix would be to take the 10mm holders off the original and solder them onto the Osram bulbs. This has got my tweeter working again, but if anyone could point me to a UK source of original bulbs, that would be much appreciated. 😀
  9. That’s very reassuring, thank you for the reply. The tweeter is definitely working....just a little. Interesting what you said about the Goliath II. I have just bought one and the tweeter is indeed subtle on that too!!! Thanks again for your input.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Hi all, this my first post! I have had the same bass rig for 20 years now.....an Eden WT400 plus and an SWR Triad mk1. Both have served me well, but the Triad is getting heavier and heavier! So, I have recently acquired a SWR Goliath jr2 and a David Eden XLT210 (2001). I am very impressed with both cabs, but have noticed that the tweeter adjustment in the Eden seems very subtle compared to the SWR, which in comparison is very obvious! I have checked the limiter bulb and that is fine. I just wondered if this is normal for an Eden? Any comments welcome and appreciated.
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