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  1. Hi all, ok, going to drop this to only £950 now! Please get in touch. Many thanks
  2. Hi all, ok, going to drop this to £1,000 now! Please get in touch. Many thanks
  3. Hi, this is a very rare prototype Trace Elliot V Type Valve bass Amp (200W) from 1995. This was one of the very first V Type's made! This is in great working order, have used it for many years but now unfortunately, time moves on and sadly I don't play anymore. As you will from the pics, this has a Trace Elliot badge on the front and not the normal V2, V8 etc and also on the back the labels with serial number are hand written. I also have copies of the original wiring documents and a copy of a shipping note from Kaman Music (Trace Elliot) to Eric Clapton. Eric Clapton's Bass player in 1995-1996 was Dave Bronze and he had an endorsement from Trace Elliott! This really is a very rare piece of kit with a bit of history, so please no time wasters. I'm located near Leeds Castle (Maidstone) in Kent. Please let me know if you want to come and have a look. Many thanks Paul (real name) 07790 315210
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