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  1. Listening again I think you're right F F# G A F# G A D. The tone makes the pitch little murky (that's my excuse anyway)
  2. I make it E F F# A F# G A D
  3. Just bought some DR Highbeams 40-120 from Chris. Exemplary experience on every level. Superb, quick, clear and honest communication (and bonus picture of gorgeous Leduc 😉). Very fast updates to the listing and dispatch of strings, which were packaged to within a inch of their life and exactly as described. Tony
  4. Hi Mike, A few questions on this: What are the markers on the side for this - as for a fretted bass, dots at the 3,5,7,9, 12 etc fret positions, something else? How's the truss rod? What's the nut width and neck shape? Any fingerboard wear? Hard to see from the pictures... Can you confirm no twists, humps, ski-jump issues?
  5. For a boy growing up in suburban Sydney Australia, a middle class woman from London opened the door to southern soul and RnB for me via Son of a Preacher Man. Thanks Dusty
  6. Tommy Cogbill on DiM 😳... All time greats on an all time great
  7. Woman in chains is Pino isn't it. Amazing playing and production, but I think Curt was barely present for those sessions
  8. One of the many joys of hearing Lee play these lines is hearing the instruments so clearly, simply and consistently recorded and played. It's not hard to see why Frankenstein was his main bass for so many years combining the best of P and J basses to my ear for his style. The (even more Frankensteined) 62 Jazz is also wonderful and the Hofner sounds as good in his hands as anyone I've heard. Of the Dingwalls my favourite tone by a way is the (very pretty) one he used on "Immediate Family", probably due to what looks like a more Jazz style pickup spacing than any of the others, reflecting my own preferences. The Warwick was pretty ideal for the Lyle tune, but didn't really stand out in the company of the others here... Just to add - thanks NoirBass for posting these. I'd never have found them otherwise!
  9. Pretty sure it's an early (lawsuit headstock) G&L SB1
  10. Stevie supplied 4x triangular (for the corners) and 2x rectangular (for the sides) wood standoffs with the 2nd round of flat pack kits for those of us planning to use the aluminium grille. Not sure exactly how tall (same as the battens I assume but I didn't check). With foam tape on top of them, my grille has ended up being only slightly recessed - maybe 1-2mm
  11. I'm guessing this was for me since RichardH didn't mention primer. There was protective plastic film on one side of my grille which I took off then I lightly sanded both sides of the grille before painting (I think with 100 grit from memory).The Fascinating Finishes Aerosol went on beautifully (usual precautions required of breathing protection and good ventilation - it's nasty stuff) and looks great with really good coverage after a couple of coats. I did have one spot where, when I was taping down the stencil for the artwork on the front, the tape (packing tape since I'd run out of masking tape) pulled off a small amount of the finish on the back of the grille in one spot. Easily touched up but slightly worrying - possibly caused by over-eagerness to get the artwork done so not waiting long enough for the primer to fully dry/cure/go off/whatever etch primer is supposed to do. Other than that in its short life I've not had any problems with durability yet, but really too early to tell on that front.
  12. Taxi... Just some proud dad photos of #16 finished. Big thanks to Stevie, Phil, Chienmortbb and all involved in the design. Also thanks to funkle and all the other posters on this thread enabling me to actually have some idea how to build it! My build was pretty much as described. Finished with 4 coats of Tuffcab pro, Grille background is 3 coats of Fascinating Finishes Aerosol Grey Acid Etch primer. Final weight came out at 14.5kg per the bathroom scales. Artwork for the grille courtesy of my 11 year old daughter.
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