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  1. I’m wondering if Labella flatwounds are as good as everyone says 🤔 ...

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    2. Sibob


      Yeah, I know Felix Pastorius uses flats on his 6er Fodera (D’Addario though), and Bubby Lewis uses La Bella Tapewounds on most of his basses. They're not just for the 'groovers' :) 

    3. JapanAxe


      Now that it's settled in I've just put 1/8 turn on the truss rod to accommodate the slightly stiffer La Bellas. The bass has had Chromes on ever since I bought it, and that's the first time I've had to touch the truss rod.

      Sounding and playing a dream!

      Got yours yet @Big Rich?

    4. Sardonicus


      Not yet, I'm still using Elites Detroit Flats and I'm loving them.

  2. Watch `The Social Dilemma' and learn how our attention is now the product, disconnect yourself and explore the real world.

    Goodbye BASSCHAT.

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    2. gjones


      It's good that you watched it, you're probably in the minority.

      It will only get worse.

    3. Happy Jack

      Happy Jack

      Coming soon to a screen near you ... Antisocial Media.

    4. jaccjazz


      Try reading "The age of Surveillance Capitalism" by Shoshana Zuboff for a somewhat more heavyweight analysis.

      Or for a shorter read:  https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/nov/29/rightwing-thinktank-conservative-boris-johnson-brexit-atlas-network


  3. 45-105 or 40-100 ?


    I've always played 45-105's but I was thinking of trying 40-100's, is there that much of a distinguishable difference between the two gauges?

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    2. TKenrick


      Not at all what you asked, but 45-110 gets my vote!

    3. Sardonicus


      @TKenrick I tried a set of Rotosound BS66 Billy Sheehan signature strings back in the mid 90's after seeing him at a clinic at the The Bass Centre in Wapping, I didn't get on with the .110 E string.  I love 45-105's and I stick with them for my main basses.

    4. Ricky Rioli

      Ricky Rioli

      I once went from 45-100 to 45-105, because I felt the 80 and 100 didn’t have the same bite as the 45 and 65. The 85 and 105 made me much happier. These were Daddario XL Nickels. When I later bought the standard Swing Bass set, again I felt the unusual 80 lacked the vibrancy of the 65 and 105. That sense of vibrancy is clearly a weirdly big thing with me, because I've never once seen anyone else saying any of this stuff 😅

  4. GAS - I'm tempted by a Squier Deluxe Jazz Bass IV that I've found for sale, what do you think, shall I go for it?

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    2. shoulderpet


      I know, when I get a new bass I usually play it for a few minutes first, check how the action is and then change the strings and work on the setup but that bass as soon as I got it the first thing I did was take the strings off straightaway and clean and disinfect the bass.  The thing that really took the p!ss is that the previous owner described it an "as new" condition

    3. Sardonicus


      I’m thinking of putting a scratchplate on it, if the bass was made in Indonesia, what scratchplate would I need to get?

    4. Sardonicus
  5. How do I go about changing my user name?

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    2. Woodinblack


      The movie being where the name of the UB40 track came from

    3. AinsleyWalker


      @Woodinblack well yes, my point was that he has a profile pic directly referencing the film. 

    4. Woodinblack


      You know, I hadn't noticed that without looking closely!

  6. What would be a good preamp/modeller/driver/DI to go straight into a PA?  Before everyone starts naming bespoke, top of the range items, please bear in mind that the budget is low.  When I say low, I mean that I was looking at a Behringer BDI21, low.

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    2. redbandit599


      Secondhand Hartke VXL Bass Attack mk1 is very decent too - used to be cheap but prices seem to be climbing a bit.


    3. Bassfinger


      I use a Behringer BDI21.  Im not particularly a fan of Behringer, but ceratingly can't fault the way it performs - id have happily paid 3 times as much for the sound, features, and XLR DI output. The case is plastic rather than metal, but its very sturdy so short of deliberate violence it isn't going to break.  There's better stuff out there, but none of it is 3 or 4 times better despite costing 3 or 4 times more. Can't really fault it.

    4. Richard R

      Richard R

      We have a BD121 as the default amp modeller and active DI at church. We had a particular issue  in that our amp with a DI output had become microphonic so that had to go, and putting a passive bass into our on state passive DI boxes was very feeble. The Berry fits the bill, is sturdy (and cheap) enough to live on stage and be used by anyone who rocks up, and the tone variations are genuinely good and sit in a live mix. It sometimes has a slight hiss, so the input on the mixing desk is gated to ignore this, but other than that it just works.

      The only person who doesn't use it, ironically, is the sound engineer who purchased it - me! I have an active bass with a high output, and after some experimentation the sound guys said they preferred the sound of mine without any amp modelling, so I just DI through the EMO passive boxes and trust they aren't simply hitting the mute button.

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