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  1. 45-105 or 40-100 ?


    I've always played 45-105's but I was thinking of trying 40-100's, is there that much of a distinguishable difference between the two gauges?

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    2. Sardonicus


      @Kev I thought it would be higher too.  100's are nice to play and I'll definitely keep at least one bass with them on.

    3. rmorris


      If you re-string to a lighter gauge (re-tuning to original pitch) then the tension on the neck from the strings is reduced (generally for same / similar string construction).

      This will reduce the neck relief. ie lower action.

      But you may need to re-adjust to get same playability in terms of fret buzz etc. 

    4. Kev


      Sure, but neck relief shouldn't differ between guages, so if relief did change you would need to move the truss rod to bring it back.  The lesser string tension at the same action would cause fret buzz, so usually you end up needing higher action.

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