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  1. What would be a good preamp/modeller/driver/DI to go straight into a PA?  Before everyone starts naming bespoke, top of the range items, please bear in mind that the budget is low.  When I say low, I mean that I was looking at a Behringer BDI21, low.

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    2. geoham


      Another budget option that is perhaps offers a little more tonal options than the Behringer and possibly a lot more fun... look at some of the Zoom units. For example, I have a B1on that I paid about £50 for a few years ago. I think it's been superseded by the B1 Four now, but still pretty cheap - though probably a little more expensive than the Behringer.


      The B1on models the Sansamp rather well, and has other simulations in it too - plus other effects, a tuner and basic drum machine.


      I've plugged mine straight to our PA many times without issue.

    3. Kevsy71


      @Big Rich if you can get to the Tech Desk safely, they may have some spare DIs - if I forget mine I just plug into the Radial Pro DI on stage, leave my tone fully open so they can EQ it for the PA, works a charm.

    4. JapanAxe
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