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  1. Nice! Congrats on returning to gigging with a rumble! Tell us a bit about the new band?
  2. A number of the Phil Jones amps are dual input. A cheaper option which may be "good enough" could be to use a decent 2 channel mixer in front of the amp to save yourself the cost of a new rig?
  3. Right back at you buddy! Let's get folk who are 'fessed-up King's X fans e.g. @Wolverinebass, @Cosmo Valdemar, you(?) answering that particular question!
  4. First point is kinda interesting. But "Faith" I see that's a banned discussion topic, so I'd best get back onto mid-scoop pdq, before my short sojourn on BC comes to a crashing quick end 😂 Gotta fess that I have no idea of what 'fanites' are!
  5. Haha - it's possible to both but also neither.
  6. Cool - cheers, matey. Look forward to it.
  7. Well they are defo an intriguing bunch - associated with Petra, signed up with a US Christian label, peaked at No.4 in the US Christian charts. And their very name: the cross of the King ....but have since sought to deny being a Christian metal band. Can't deny the depth of some of their lyrics, though. 12 string bass, however, now that it is something both to be feared and admired in equal measure!
  8. Given the very balanced and in-depth review provided by the OP, the right, albeit slightly mid scooped, tone had clearly been set for the rest of the thread! But provided this pedal provides Ear Candy I don't think DP fans will be too disappointed 😉
  9. Cheers! A few weeks in, I'm kinda feeling like an old hand already and there's certainly plenty going on to keep me interested!
  10. Fair. However if you're having to max something out just to get to a desirable tone then you've got nothing left in the tank should you need to tweak for venue etc. IMO better simply to get something where you're a fan of the core tone in the first place and plenty to choose from! That actually sounds really good, thanks for clarifying. Combine that with the hpf and lpf features and there does seem to a lot of plusses about this DG Xu. Shame it costs nigh on £400!
  11. Thanks for that, although it seems to me that maxing out in that fashion is a pretty extreme adjustment to overcome the mid scoop - I can't think of any other pedal or bass EQ where I'm needing to super-max out the mids in order to overcome a mid scoop. I guess you either need to like the baked-in mid scoop and accept that it's part of the DP3X sound, which a lot of folk clearly do, or simply get something else. Just to make sure we are on the same page on the DG Xu: when you say "thick" = not thin / meaty or "thick" = muddy? If the latter, worth being aware of as this could be a little off-putting. I think I read on another thread that you've now got your own recording studio? If so, some sound samples of the two pedals side by side would be brilliant!
  12. Following on from the above, question for the OP: Applying Cuzzie's shift button and mid boost - does that sort out the mid scoop on the DP3X which you flagged as being the key drawback of that pedal and get it to a comparable mid punch that the DG delivers?
  13. Getting the band to play quietly is all very well and definitely desirable, particularly at rehearsals. But the limiting factor is always going to be the acoustic drums and whether the drummer is comfortable using bamboo rods or similar to keep his volume down. The power output you need at gigs will be dictated by the size of the venue and whether there is a PA available capable of handling bass well - typically need at least 12" speakers and ideally something like an RCF 735A. Definitely no harm in having a bit of headroom up your sleeve, if you'll excuse my mixed metaphors!
  14. With you on the benefit of having headroom from your rig, should you ever need it. One point to correct though, if I may: my understanding is that the Rumble 500 is 350W (not 250W) solo'd at 8ohm 'internally' through the combo speakers and 500W with an extension cab.
  15. Yup very true! And not least because, as @uAdi will be able to confirm, if you wander from the tip of Kashmir to the toe of Tamil Nadu you won't find a single language anywhere that is actually called 'Indian'! In the same way that if you try to find where English breakfast tea is grown in the England, you may struggle 😀
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