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  1. Used the amp again at practice last night for about 2 1/2 hours, didn't cut out once! Not sure I would risk it doing it mid gig so think it will still go back, but it will be a shame to be without it for a month!
  2. cheers all, good to hear more positive feedback on them, looks like it will go back for refund and I'll go on the waiting list for more stock
  3. Thanks Nik that's great, I'll get a quote this morning and get back to you
  4. I'm quite tempted by this as I need something to tide me over whilst I get a faulty new head either repaired or replaced (3-4+ week wait for more stock). It would sit nicely on my hydrive 410 too. I'm in Devon though so would mean couriering - can I look into costs and drop you a PM tomorrow? Would it be possible to get a rough idea on dimensions of it in the case please for the quote?
  5. I think you're probably right, it'd be a real pain if it went back for repair and they couldn't replicate the issue and just sent it back. It's otherwise a fantastic amp, I think stock is an issue at the moment so might mean a wait but I think its probably the way to go. I'd read a lot of positive reviews before I bought it, but did also see one or two mentioning an issue with cutting out which made me wonder.
  6. Any other Bugera Veyron owners on here? I bought a tube preamp Veyron to use with my upright bass (K&K preamp and pickups) and have used it for a couple of practices now - questionable power rating aside its a great, punchy clean amp with bags of power however I have had a bit of trouble with it cutting out. It mainly happens on louder/faster sections particularly over certain lower notes, and happens irrespective of whether compressor is on or off. It happens irrespective of master volume setting so seems to be occurring somewhere in the preamp stage. It's almost like a limiter is cutting out the input signal completely, as it goes silent but then seamlessly kicks back in within a few seconds (unless you keep playing loud!). I bought it as b-stock from Thomann, so covered under warranty and they have said they will refund or repair (which will mean 4 ish weeks without the amp). Other than the cutting out I am really happy with it. If I mess around with gain, preamp volume and k&k preamp level settings I can get it running reliably, if quieter than I'd really like - but then again I am only running at 8ohm. I just wanted to see what experience any other owners have had with these before I decide what to do next.
  7. saw this in person when I picked up a stand a couple of weeks ago, beautiful looking bass! Good luck with the sale!
  8. Can you take paypal for this? May not be able to collect for a week or so but could send payment today till I can get up to collect (from Newton Abbot)
  9. ok no worries cheers for getting back to me and good luck with the sale
  10. any interest in trades? got the japanese ibanez atk bass advertised on this forum, for a straight swap could also throw in a carlsbro tc75 70s all valve head, good for bass or guitar (2 separately voiced channels), just been re-capped and a pair of harma diamond el34 valves fitted, lovely sounding amp but I got a tc100 and a 50 top too so it doesnt get used. Am in Devon so depending where abouts you are not too far to bring em if you were interested
  11. ok picked it up this afternoon, only one bad chip in the lacquer on the edge under the controls, couple of cracks in the lacquer but generaly good condition - lot better than i probably described really. Going to replace a few tarnished screws put the scratchplate back on and hopefully get the pics up wednesday once the fret job is done
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