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  1. I've got an elbee 210 I've had a few months now - it shifts some serious air for such a tiny cab. I was a bit concerned playing upright with slap that it might lose some of the top end definition but no worries at all so far! I've not gigged it yet but it has handled fairly loud practices with no worries. being driven by a Veyron t. I have a 115 I was planning to pair it up with for bigger gigs and to run the amp at 4ohm but am actually quite tempted to get a second elbee 210 as a mate is selling one at the moment
  2. Chris1127


    Awesome looking rig Stew, glad you are happy with the amp too!
  3. bargain price on the cab! I've got the matching 112 500w combo that I was planning to sell at some point if anyone wants to make a matching stack
  4. hats off to you! Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Doesn't mean you shouldn't either! I'd fit a ball hitch so I could tow it behind the car to gigs but that might be a step too far
  5. the ah500 had a bigger brother back in the day too, the ah1000 which I think was designed to go with the BFC cab. I bought a BFC back when Trace were selling off a load of gear in the early 2000s, it was a 15, 2x10 and 2 hf horns in one cab, wired up to be run biamped. I rewired it to mono to use with a V-type 600h hybrid head, it was a monster setup. The v-type wasn't a great design though - mine fried all the FETs first time I switched it on. there was a massive heatsink on the pcb which had no support underneath - the courier dropped it on delivery and the weight of the heatsink cracked the pcb. I repaired the board and replaced all the fets and all was good, but wasn't a great design. Some earlier comments referenced really good reliability - I think anyone who was repairing electronic gear around the time who was familiar with the Bipolar Bear output stage may have differing views
  6. yep, I will admit that it went back to Thomann (and back to Bugera) for a new main power board, as it was cutting out occasionally at high input levels but they fixed under warranty without quibble and it has been faultless since. I use mine on an upright bass with a K&K rockabilly pickup and preamp setup, previously through a Hartke 410 hydrive but now mainly through an elbee 210. it moves some serious air!
  7. https://www.andertons.co.uk/brands/ashdown/ashdown-rootmaster-rm-112t-evo-300w-1x12-bass-cab
  8. yeah that's the one! I think they do make a matching 112, i was trying to find the spec on the white line speakers and found it under the cab spec. Great little amp and well looked after but not for me unfortunately. A bugera nuke head has come up locally so may be up for sale again if you are still interested? I did a deal on it at 220.
  9. If anyone was curious, I took a chance on a used rootmaster 500 evo 112 combo, great sound and very versatile, but unfortunately just doesn't have the headroom that my Bugera Veyron head has with an upright. Without using an ext cab (and so probably running at more like 300w at 8ohms) it kept up with a couple of cranked 15w valve combos and a loud drummer but was wound up pretty loud. Nice light portable combo though, but I will be sticking with the Veyron and the DB Elbee 210
  10. Interested to hear anyone's experiences with a Rootmaster 500 Evo 112 combo - considering one to use with double bass (k&k preamp and wing/neck pickup) and playing with a reasonably loud drummer and couple of guitarists with small-ish valve amps but keen on cranking them up(!). I've got a 115 purple chili or a 210 db elbee I can pair them up with for gigs etc but interested to hear if anyone has one, and how they have found it for volume in the mix and reliability, especially upright players (pizz and slap). Cheers!
  11. that all sounds pretty awesome! I have to admit i haven't yet had the chance to plug it in and crank it up, it's sat on top of the purple chili 15 i bought on here the week before waiting for me to get a chance to try it. I'll probably try it with a bugera svt clone first off just so i can have a play with the graphic and see how it sounds! Glad i went in to get it now, a friend bought one off reverb after I'd been in to Project Music to get that one - the 1210 looked interesting too but it didn't have the feet to stack horizontally that the 210 has. It will be interesting to see how the angled driver works that way up. And yeah that handle will have to go for something a bit more substantial i think - not sure why it is mounted diagonally.
  12. keen to hear how the elbee sounds - currently considering one of these against saving up a whole bunch more for a purple chili 210. only thing that puts me off is I would want to use it horizontally if stacked, and not sure how that would work with the angled baffle (I play upright bass so feedback can be an issue). edit - couldn't risk missing the last one in the shop so picked one up at lunch time today! DB replied to say it would work fine horizontally stacked on a 15. It is TINY!!! How can it be a 600w 2x10!?!?
  13. Thanks Tobie for a great deal on a Purple Chili 115 cab - really helpful with postage in packaging up a cab really well and labelling it and dropping off at a post office depot for collection. Looking forward to plugging it in and trying it out now!
  14. I think its just a guitar thing when he jumpers it, fattens up the sound. there is a way of cascading the channels to act like extra gain stages too but thats another thing altogether. Think circuit wise the silver face and the series before are pretty much the same circuits, brilliant amps!
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