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  1. As someone who is often the youngest person around on this forum, I think I'd have to agree there! Very, VERY big fan of Maiden, their later stuff is a bit hit or miss but you cannot fault their 80s material at all really.
  2. I got a black TMB100 as my first ever bass guitar a few years back, cracking little thing. I've since upgraded to a Yamaha BB but the Ibanez still gets some love every now and then. Love the PJ pickups and the preamp can get some great sounds going, if not a little hot at times. I'll dust mine off and post a pic later but I also bought a white pickguard off a dude on TalkBass and the thing looks fantastic as well!
  3. This is the reason I started using three fingers. I play a lot of thrash and death metal and playing some of the faster stuff without a pick means you need to bring that ring finger in. My favourite death metal bass player, Steve DiGiorgio, also uses it. I've only recently started trying to build up to playing straight sixteenths with it but I'm making serious progress now. Also I know Steve Harris always used strictly two fingers but I'll be damned if playing Iron Maiden gallops isn't easier with three! But Alex wasn't even the first or the biggest player to do it, he himself says he borrowed it off Billy Sheehan who uses it in his blazing lead guitar-esque lines.
  4. I do, but I bought it off Amazon ages ago and it's an imperial sized set and none of them seem to fit! And I don't wanna force it and risk rounding off the nut either.
  5. Hi lads, does anyone know what size Allen key I need to adjust my BB734a truss rod? I think Yamaha website says 5mm but that just seems to be a generic answer for all Yammy basses and I'd rather get a number from someone who's tried it.
  6. Huh, I never knew that! Is there a source for this? I thought he played fretless right from the beginning. Agreed, their latest album is amazing, really showcases their evolution as a band quite a bit. My #2 album of 2019 for sure. The bass player in the clip I linked is actually not him but Damon Good from StarGazer on that EP, where you can very clearly hear the fretless. I'm 99% sure Jeff plays fretless though, he's confirmed it in the band's AMA on the Metal Subreddit recently, and I've seen Blood Incantation and Spectral Voice (x3!) and I'm almost certain it's fretless. On the latest album you can hear the fretless slides in places, like here:
  7. Full support for Steve DiGiorgio and Sadus! One of my favourite bands. Also please for the love of god do not sleep on the album Severed Survival by Autopsy! My second favourite death metal album of all time and a masterful performance on fretless by our man Stevo: The story behind this one is that apparently the bass was mixed too high "by mistake" but to me it sounds like perfection! Also I'm no fretless buff but sometimes his intonation is not 100% bang on and it adds a little "sludge" to the tone, an absolute masterpiece! It's a killer album for sure. Damon Good from the Australian prog death metal band StarGazer is also amazing, lots of flashy fretless bass playing on all their material. Killer band with lots of weirdo off kilter bits but I love them: Two of my favourite bands in death metal at the moment are Blood Incantation and Spectral Voice and both feature the same fretless bass player, Jeff Barrett. Blood Incantation is really killer slightly prog leaning weirdo tech death in the vein of Demilich and Timeghoul, and Spectral Voice is crushing, heavier-than-the-moon death/doom with lots of old school Finndeath influence. The latest Blood Incantation album and the Spectral Voice demo are my favourite releases but all of their work absolutely slays! Another one of my favourite current bands is the Chilean death/thrash band Ripper, featuring some masterful technical fretless bass work. Their style of aggressive death/thrash with lots of South American bestial energy is my favourite style of music full stop, with hefty Sadus influence from earlier. Their bass player is also a genius, clearly really loves Jaco and plenty of flashy stuff on all their work (even a Chromatic Fantasy cover - clearly a Jaco diehard!) The former fretless bass player in Ripper has now left I believe but joined a new band called Suppression who play the same sort of stuff - unhinged death/thrashing metal madness. They only have one EP out so far but it's absolutely killing stuff with lots of flashy bass:
  8. Great stuff, I'll definitely give that a watch! I'm a big fan of Steve DiGiorgio and his work in Autopsy, one of my favourite bass performances of all time on Severed Survival!
  9. I'm playing a few Led Zeppelin tunes in the band rehearsals right now and I find the solo'd J pickup on my 734 sounds pretty good. I use roundwounds so it's not gonna nail the JPJ tone but with the bass boosted slightly, a big mid boost, and a treble cut, it sounds pretty tasty regardless.
  10. Just the one purchase for me this year, my 21st birthday present was a lovely Yamaha BB734, plays like a dream! It's my first "proper" bass since I picked up the instrument a couple of years ago and it's been treating me very nicely. Was originally dead set on an Aerodyne but I played it in a shop and the Yammy was just miles better, it really sung in my hands! Oh yeah, and remember I said it was a birthday present? Well my parents also got me this cool cake as well!
  11. Depends on the thrash band you're after. Ride The Lightning-era Metallica you'll want a very hard string attack, low action, and a good amount of grit or overdrive. I think compression is important too. (Not counting the solo tone which is fuzz, wah, distortion, delay, harmonics...) Ellefson's sound in Megadeth was pick playing(obviously), and sounds more trebly and sparkly to me. Also a bit cleaner, not much grit to my ears. I don't know as much about his gear though, there's some good YT videos on it. I suppose the general themes of thrash playing are to play hard whether you use pick or fingers, low action for a bit of clank, and then maybe some grit or distortion.
  12. This looks interesting but for that price, no thank you. Why shell out all that money when you can get a pretty decent Steve Harris tone with bright roundwounds, a P pickup, low action, and a bit of elbow grease in the picking hand(+ maybe a compressor but this box doesn't have one anyways)?
  13. Might have to have a look, cheers lads!
  14. I feel like I need to experiment with a footstool either way. When sitting conventionally with the bass on my right leg it's not too uncomfortable but I find myself crossing my legs to give it a big of extra height, and then after about 20 or 30 minutes sometimes my leg goes numb! Can't be too healthy. I think more experimentation is needed, but it's much of a muchness anyways since I mostly stand even just practicing in my bedroom, I find it much more comfortable.
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