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  1. I'd imagine these prices are mainly aimed at home studio warriors or guitar players who want to dabble in bass a little bit without too much effort or cost. Beginner bass players or more experienced players wanting a cheapo/backup bass would most likely be more inclined to go used, but for £72.99 delivered in two days you can't say no I guess, if you're that lazy.
  2. I tried a 734A at a store, not the 5 stringer, but that was at Wunjos in Denmark Street. There are lots of places along there as well as the main Yamaha store where you might have some luck finding a 735A to try. I am indeed loving it compared to the Ibanez, the Talman is a great one to play but the Yamaha just feels so much smoother and more comfortable to play. I'm actually going to take the 734A to The Bass Gallery today for a setup and a fresh set of strings and it should be good to go then!
  3. Been playing nearly two years, decided I actually want to stick with this whole "bass playing" shtick and upgrade from my cheap Ibanez Talman and get something more serious that'll last me a while. Tried one of these Yamahas in a shop and fell in love with it. I was originally dead set on a Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass but I tried one in the shop and while it felt nice to play it didn't sound that good. I also tried a Nate Mendel Signature P Bass which sounded a little better but the neck finish didn't agree with me and it wasn't very versatile - after all it's a P Bass! I tried the Yamaha as a last ditch option and I was blown away by how good it was. Just felt right in my hands, played like a dream, neck was super comfortable, and by far and away the electronics just sounded superb. Lots of tonal options with the active stuff but it'll run just fine in passive mode with volume/balance/tone controls. I set out to find one used, Wunjo had a used brown one for £585 but I needed a black one. Upon inquiring here @krispn contacted me saying he was willing to sell his and two weeks later after much toing and froing it's finally here! Currently got the stock 45-105 D'Addarios on it but next up is a fresh set of 50-110 Rotosound Stainless Steels and a setup from The Bass Gallery next week.
  4. Wow looks like a fantastic looking thing, I love that Ebanol fingerboard! Looks almost pitch black to me, so mean looking!
  5. My main gripe with this is Fade to Black being the only Metallica one on there? Since when is that one better than Creeping Death/Master of Puppets? Also tonnes of Deep Purple but no Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden? Heathens.
  6. So today I had a chance to try out a few bass guitars at Wunjo bass in London. Going in there I was dead set on a Fender Aerodyne however having had a chance to play it along with a Yamaha BB734 I was utterly disappointed in it, and actually blown away by how good the Yamaha was! Looks like I'll spring for a BB then, but I have a few questions. I tried the BB734 and it just felt really nice to play and the electronics sounded fantastic to my ears. However I couldn't help but notice that there's a lot of buzz around the vintage BB models. How do the older BBs stack up to the 734 in terms of sound? Do they also feel roughly the same to play - ie neck profile, body shape, and the like? As it stands I'll either try to find a used 734 in black (another thing that swung me - it looks gorgeous) or get Wunjo to order one in for me since they only had a used brown one available.
  7. Alright, so today I finally had a chance to pop into Wunjo and try out one of these bad boys. The Aerodyne really looked the part in the flesh, sleek and smooth, and the body shape was really nice and comfortable. It felt alright to play, however the thin neck wasn't the most comfortable for my hands. I was actually almost disappointed with how it sounded, the P pickup sounded OK but had no real guts to it and the J pickup just sounded weak to my ears. The man in there also gave me a Nate Mendel P bass to play around with, that one felt quite nice to play but something about the finish on the back of the neck just didn't agree with me. Also the sound of the P pickup was really nice however it wasn't really capable of getting any other tones - which is what I'd expect from a P bass to be honest. However on the recommendation of @dannybuoy I also tried out the Yamaha BB734 and that one was just perfect, the Goldilocks bass for me if you will. The neck was a bit chunkier and it just felt really nice in the hand, playing it was really comfortable and the body shape was a little more substantial than the Aerodyne which made it sit really nicely on the leg. It was also satisfyingly heavy - felt nice when sitting for a short period but not sure how that translates to standing up on a two hour rehearsal. For me what swung it was the sound of the Yamaha, the electronics were really nice and both P and J pickup were singing when I played it. The active EQ was fun to play around with and you can coax some nice sounds out of it, and to top it all off it has an active/passive switch so you can just play it with passive P/J like the Aerodyne. I'm really surprised since I was dead set on that Aerodyne but in the flesh it just didn't stack up to the Yamaha.
  8. This is quite a cool way of doing it, I've also seen really expensive custom jobs where people get LEDs put in, looks very flash and a bit chintzy but cool nontheless.
  9. I saw both of these on their website and my curiosity was duly piqued! I'll be sure to have a play around.
  10. I'm so excited to try and play one, jazz neck, PJ, all black, and slim neck is literally all my boxes ticked.
  11. That's good to hear, I do prefer the sleeker no-dot look on the board, but I do occasionally need the top markers. I'm sure with practice I'll stop needing them entirely though.
  12. Sounds great! Does it have fretmarkers on the top of the neck? No fretmarkers on the board looks really clean to me but I was wondering whether it had any at all, since that might be a bit of an issue for me.
  13. I'd love to try one for sure, the look just sells it for me. Sleek like a Jazz bass but with the added punch of a P. To be honest if I got one I'd keep it on the P setting most of the time since I prefer that sound, but having the Jazz pickup is great for a certain time and place. I'm surprised because they seem like fantastic basses but they seem to be a bit overlooked, maybe they aren't as good as other P/J options for the price then...
  14. I actually had my eye on those Aerodynes! Specifically the more expensive one without the finish cracks. I saw you're doing a trip up there and I'd love to go but I think I'm not gonna be around or have the money for a little while, so have at it!
  15. Oh damn, I always check Wunjo's bass website but I never thought they'd have basses on their guitar website! Thanks for the heads up, I'll give them a call.
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