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  1. I'm playing a few Led Zeppelin tunes in the band rehearsals right now and I find the solo'd J pickup on my 734 sounds pretty good. I use roundwounds so it's not gonna nail the JPJ tone but with the bass boosted slightly, a big mid boost, and a treble cut, it sounds pretty tasty regardless.
  2. Just the one purchase for me this year, my 21st birthday present was a lovely Yamaha BB734, plays like a dream! It's my first "proper" bass since I picked up the instrument a couple of years ago and it's been treating me very nicely. Was originally dead set on an Aerodyne but I played it in a shop and the Yammy was just miles better, it really sung in my hands! Oh yeah, and remember I said it was a birthday present? Well my parents also got me this cool cake as well!
  3. Depends on the thrash band you're after. Ride The Lightning-era Metallica you'll want a very hard string attack, low action, and a good amount of grit or overdrive. I think compression is important too. (Not counting the solo tone which is fuzz, wah, distortion, delay, harmonics...) Ellefson's sound in Megadeth was pick playing(obviously), and sounds more trebly and sparkly to me. Also a bit cleaner, not much grit to my ears. I don't know as much about his gear though, there's some good YT videos on it. I suppose the general themes of thrash playing are to play hard whether you use pick or fingers, low action for a bit of clank, and then maybe some grit or distortion.
  4. This looks interesting but for that price, no thank you. Why shell out all that money when you can get a pretty decent Steve Harris tone with bright roundwounds, a P pickup, low action, and a bit of elbow grease in the picking hand(+ maybe a compressor but this box doesn't have one anyways)?
  5. Might have to have a look, cheers lads!
  6. I feel like I need to experiment with a footstool either way. When sitting conventionally with the bass on my right leg it's not too uncomfortable but I find myself crossing my legs to give it a big of extra height, and then after about 20 or 30 minutes sometimes my leg goes numb! Can't be too healthy. I think more experimentation is needed, but it's much of a muchness anyways since I mostly stand even just practicing in my bedroom, I find it much more comfortable.
  7. BB players, what's your posture like when sitting or standing with these basses? I've found recently that compared to my last bass, my BB734 sits much nicer in the "classical" position when sitting down, that is with the bass on my left leg and the neck angled upwards. I think it might be because of the shape of the rounded part of the body where the input jack and pots are. Might have to invest in a footstool or something to lift my leg up slightly to make it more comfortable. With my previous bass I always had my strap fairly high up but I find that with the BB I might even need it even higher (which is an issue since my strap is already at its shortest!) since at the moment I find my picking hand is a little bit strained as it is.
  8. Not as famous as the original lineup but you can't deny the strength of Dio-era Sabbath for example. Also a lot of people prefer Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow to Deep Purple, again with Dio on vocals.
  9. I saw them at Bloodstock a few years back, Jeff Waters is still around but the rest of the lineup is all new. They put on a good show actually, good amount of classic tunes which is always nice. I remember doing a cover of one of their tunes in rehearsal with a band I was very briefly with and playing the bassline to Alison Hell fingerstyle, god knows how I managed that!
  10. This is an interesting one since it depends which lineup you're considering. For example, their influential album Scum basically had two different lineups, one on the A side and one on the B side. They've had so many lineup changes and members, even on the same record, that you're never going to get the "original" lineup because such a lineup doesn't exist! Looking at the current lineup they still Shane on bass who has been with them since From Enslavement to Obliteration, and Barney and Mitch Harris have been around since Harmony Corruption. That's pretty much as good as you're gonna get without getting in Bill Steer or Lee Dorrian. Also Jesse Pintado is no longer with us either, sadly. I think someone mentioned this earlier but it gets even more confusing when you have bands that split up and then one group of people gets to keep the old name, but one gets a slightly different name to carry on the project. Like Venom and Venom Inc, Terrorizer and Terrorizer LA, Entombed and Entombed AD, Nocturnus and Nocturnus AD, etcetera. Really makes it a minefield when one of them is coming to play a gig! Is it worth going, is it not, do they play old stuff or new stuff and how well do they do it?
  11. Nice info! Just checked and my BB734 was made in May 2017, not too long ago it seems!
  12. I'd imagine these prices are mainly aimed at home studio warriors or guitar players who want to dabble in bass a little bit without too much effort or cost. Beginner bass players or more experienced players wanting a cheapo/backup bass would most likely be more inclined to go used, but for £72.99 delivered in two days you can't say no I guess, if you're that lazy.
  13. I tried a 734A at a store, not the 5 stringer, but that was at Wunjos in Denmark Street. There are lots of places along there as well as the main Yamaha store where you might have some luck finding a 735A to try. I am indeed loving it compared to the Ibanez, the Talman is a great one to play but the Yamaha just feels so much smoother and more comfortable to play. I'm actually going to take the 734A to The Bass Gallery today for a setup and a fresh set of strings and it should be good to go then!
  14. Been playing nearly two years, decided I actually want to stick with this whole "bass playing" shtick and upgrade from my cheap Ibanez Talman and get something more serious that'll last me a while. Tried one of these Yamahas in a shop and fell in love with it. I was originally dead set on a Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass but I tried one in the shop and while it felt nice to play it didn't sound that good. I also tried a Nate Mendel Signature P Bass which sounded a little better but the neck finish didn't agree with me and it wasn't very versatile - after all it's a P Bass! I tried the Yamaha as a last ditch option and I was blown away by how good it was. Just felt right in my hands, played like a dream, neck was super comfortable, and by far and away the electronics just sounded superb. Lots of tonal options with the active stuff but it'll run just fine in passive mode with volume/balance/tone controls. I set out to find one used, Wunjo had a used brown one for £585 but I needed a black one. Upon inquiring here @krispn contacted me saying he was willing to sell his and two weeks later after much toing and froing it's finally here! Currently got the stock 45-105 D'Addarios on it but next up is a fresh set of 50-110 Rotosound Stainless Steels and a setup from The Bass Gallery next week.
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