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  1. I post videos on my instagram, @outtaseezun_, but they are phone quality & so far i have only posted one video (the day job has been keeping me busy), but i will keep posting! Thanks for Ur comments guys!!
  2. Dear Fellas & Fellazettes, Homies & Homelettes, Here is my review of the Quantum Dominic DiPiazza signature bass by RMI! Back story: So, a few weeks back, i had a collection of 5 lower budget basses & i felt i had made all the wrong choices. i didn’t feel any sort of « connection » with those instruments, & felt i needed to downsize in terms of numbers, but i also wanted instruments that i wouldn’t have to fight all the time (either when trying to get the best possible set-up or when playing them). I wanted to change everything. i sold my Ibanez TMB30 Mint Green early March, my Squier Classic Vibe Precision 50s LPB when Covid allowed it, and my Vintage V74MRJP ten days ago. My Harley Benton BZ-6000 left two days ago. While all of this was happening, i found two gems on the second hand market. This is a write-up of the RMI Quantum Dominic DiPiazza (made by Mark Ramsay). Those instruments are designed & styled in England, then crafted in South Korea with CNC machinery, & then set up & quality assured in England again. Here are the specs (copied from http://www.ramsay-bass.co.uk😞 Width at nut: 50mm | String spacing at bridge: 16mm Neck-thru-body construction Ebonol - mini line-dot markers with offset side dots 7-piece maple/swamp ash laminated neck Layered body with solid exotic top - chambered Active 3-band EQ with volume (pull for passive) and balance Dual-coil humbucking pickups - floating ramp enclosure Hi-mass brass hardtail bridge The bass arrived in very poor condition. Previous owner(s) hadn’t been properly taking care of it, i had to play with the truss rod quite a bit, which i don’t really enjoy, and the string saddles… & man what a pleasure it is to play this thing now! The active pre-amp offers quite a large variety of possibilities, really versatile. i’ve had the bass for a almost a couple of weeks now & i haven’t touched the knobs on my amp since then. Solid, well defined, low end & really clear higher register, ideal for chordal fun! The scale is 34 inches and the body is chambered: much lighter and easier to play than the Harley Benton BZ-6000. Even the passive mode sounds rich & beautiful. Also let me mention: it still has the strings it came with, i don’t know what they are, but apparently they’ve been there a while (thinking about going LaBella Flats on this beauty). As U’ll see below, the instrument looks gorgeous, elegant! i had always wanted a single-cut design (my dream basses up until i crossed paths with this one were the Ibanez SRSC806 & the Ibanez BTB846SC DTL, out of reach budget-wise, just like the RMI until i found this one…) & i had never played with a ramp before either. Love both features. There is also a 0 fret, not mentioned on the specs on the website. There is an additional part of the ramp that fits between the one U can see in the pics & the neck, but the seller still has to send it over to me. The ergonomics & balance of the bass are perfect playing both sitting and standing with a strap. The neck felt like home as soon as i was done with the set up & the cleaning. It says on their website that they are musicians/artists, and the craftsmanship & ergonomics of the bass are a clear reflection of that. i have never built a bass myself, but i have been very tempted for the past 5 years or so (when i started playing bass seriously), but every time i start reading about it, researching woods, watching videos of time-lapse bass builds, i just realise i do not have neither the tools nor the money to even get started. But what i mean by that is that it is OBVIOUS that a lot of research, trial & error & hours of thinking & planning must’ve gone into this instrument. When i found this bass on the second hand market here in Spain, i must admit i didn’t know who RMI were. U might not know either, so i would encourage U to check out their website as this Quantum model is not even the most spectacular design they have! And apparently, all the technical details of Ur dream instrument can be achieved. It’s all explained in the « About Us » section! http://www.ramsay-bass.co.uk/about.php Well, this was my first review ever, i think. i hope i haven’t forgotten anything & i hope U will find this review helpful as there is not much to be read about RMI. Have a brilliant day!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CA71d2gDQu0&feature=em-uploademail i've posted his Jazz Bass & Precision Bass "Short History" videos here before... i just love the tone and content of those videos! Take a moment to watch!
  4. Thanks @binky_bass! I was specifically looking for a BTB single cut 6 string, either one of the two available finishes. They're super rare on the second hand market... but yeah U're right, patience & keepin an eye open are essential! Thanks again and congrats on that Yamaha!!! Enjoy!!
  5. Okay well apparently he sold the bass last night to someone else. Thanks a lot for Ur answers though...
  6. Hello! Thanks for Ur reply! Here's my situation: i live in Spain now, but used to live in Paris, so i still receive notifications from the second hand market there. i'm visiting my family there over Xmas & that bass is like 3/4 hours away from Paris (i know in which region the seller lives, but not the exact city). i don't have a car there, which means i would have to borrow a car, and drive there & back in the same day. So if i go there, i want to make sure that it's worth it. i've found a couple of videos about the Delano Sonar 3MS/E, so that's good. I don't think it is a huge improvement over the stock thing, but whatever. And yeah, i will definitely go back to the original knobs, and the seller is including them with the bass. Also, on another forum which shall remain nameless, another bassist brought up things i hadn't seen: the elbow corner of the bass has been levelled away, & it's true that it doesn't even look like the BTB846SC-DTL version of the bass, or the other BTBs, it just looks weird. The person thinks that for this woodwork job they had to sand the rest of the finish of the bass (hence the vanishing of the decal thing) to refinish it. Here is a photo reference sent to me by that bassist on the other forum.
  7. Haha thanks! That's exactly why i turn to U guys! i know U know things i don't know!
  8. i hadn't thought about the weight! But i already play a Harley Benton BZ-6000. Is there anything heavier than that?
  9. Thanks guys! i have never played with ramp. I don't think they look ugly in general, but it's true that the fact that it has been drilled into the body of the bass, the fact that i covers the lower horn and also the fact that i just noticed they drilled another hole in the back to put a strap knob... i guess i could use all those elements to bring the price into my budget (which is 500€, the asking price is 590€) but i don't know anything about those changes they've also made on the electronics. Or even if a decal can just fall from a headstock as he claims happened.. i don't think i'll ever find one of these for this price, so i could live with those flaws in my only "expensive" bass. But i was scanning the lovely crowd of basschat to see if U knew anything about the electronics he mentioned and the decal thing. Please let me know if U do! Thanks for the replies so far: U guys would've managed to talk me out of it, if only i could afford the next one on the second hand market lol...
  10. Dear Fellaz & Felazettes of the BassChat World! i have my eyes on one of those BTB basses on the second hand market here, but i have a couple of questions before i pull the trigger. i was wondering if maybe U bass-savvy guys could help me. - The logo on the bass head is gone. Seller blames it on the fact that those BTBs are made in Indonesia, - He replaced the knobs with Jazz bass knobs, - He says he replaced the electronics with Electronic DELANO Active/Passive with Sonar 3MS/E EQ (the PUs are the original Bartolinis, - The ramp has been custom made & drilled into the body by a "luthier", what do U think of that? Here are the pictures: Do U think i should get it? The price is a bit above what my budget & the drilled ramp is a bit of a disappointment, but other i don't get to see them pop up on my radar that often... Whaddya think? Thanks for Ur help!
  11. Hey Gareth! i did try what U suggested & it does the trick very well indeed! Then i added a little more reverb & another patch & this sounds good! Not exactly a Fender Rhodes, but close enough, with its own flavour... Thanks a ton!
  12. Am watching the Key9 video right now & it's incredible... But i really can't afford it... for now..
  13. Oh whoa thanks man! i'll try that tomorrow!! Good idea!
  14. Hey there! Do U still own the HB-60? i'm considering getting one... Just wonder after a few years how U feel about it!
  15. Dear Fellas & Felazettes, i own a GT-1B & i love to play around with it at home. But i am starting a new project here in Seville, Spain, where keyboard players are hard to find. i might have to play chords while the guitar player does his noodling. So i was wondering if other owners of this fantastic multi-FX pedal had ever tried to create a Fender Rhodes patch. And if so, how did U do it? i assume U need quite a lot of reverb, some tremolo, some sort of pitch modification, but what did U choose as FX1 & FX2? & what settings for each element? Also, i have read that some of the FX, like the Octaver, do not allow U to play multiple notes at the same time, & i just tried with a couple of patches & it does look like this is true... Is there any way i can get a Fender Rhodes sound on this thing & play chords too? i'd really appreciate all the help i can get! (And before U draw Ur guns at me: yes, i understand the role of a bass player in a band, and no, i don't have any budget available to buy new pedals, basses or a keyboard) Take care!
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