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  1. Well, i have ordered 3 times from G4M & this last experience with sealed the deal. Hands down the worst online instrument retailer i have ever bought from. Incompetece at its worst.
  2. Little confession: sometimes i feel like selling my 3 basses & starting over again.. Don't you?
  3. How are U guys doing tonight?
  4. Same for me, no time to do this properly today 😱😱😱 very last minute, but good to know those threads exist!
  5. Ronda is quite nice too yeah, both the center & the little hikes that allow U to see the city from other angles! Thanks @jazzburger! I guess i have learned a lot from those dark times yeah. The only two downsides are: - it's no fun while U are in it, - i've lost 4 years of practice on the instrument! But anyway, it's all part of the process ! Do U guys create Ur own music? Share it somewhere maybe?
  6. Yeah! Seville is beautiful (most of it). Then there is Córdoba & Granada & Cádiz & a bunch of other smaller villages that are really worth visiting! One thing i will complain about though is: the bass used market is crap here 🤣🤣🤣 Anyway, thank U all for the warm welcome! Good night!
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! @Jus Lukin: it's Anda-loo-see-ya, with the strong sillable beeing the "see" 😊 And yeah i am homeless but i have a very nice boss that allows me to stay in class 5 of our school lol. It's weird but it's fine. I have 16m² for a bed, 3 basses & a combo. My clothes in a big suitcase. Don't need much more for now. U guys should visit the region, when possible. There are so many beautiful things to be seen here...
  8. Yeah i have been a reader for a looong time but rarely do i write, most of the time because someone has already said the same thing in better words before, but yeah, been here a while! Just wanted to say hi!
  9. Dear Fellaz & Fellazettes! How is everyone doing ? Am good, here, procrastinating. Realised i have been a member of this forum for a while but had never taken the time to introduce myself to the community. Another excuse to procrastinate even further... So here it goes: my name is neil, i am 37 years old, currently living in Dos Hermanas, right outside of Seville. I teach English here. Also i am currently homeless due to Covid affecting the number of students we have, & my wage, so i sleep in a classroom. Been there for the last six months. Music CV: I started playing bass when i was 21 or 22, then had a 4 year depression during which i sold off my gear, & came back to music when i was 32 i believe. I am completely self-taught on guitar, bass, beatbox, singing & drawing. Guitar was my main instrument, but bass is my true love & i don't even own a guitar anymore (sold off my Ibanez AS83-STE to pay for car repairs). I released an album in 2010 ("Introducing the Raggedy Zirkus"), right before i burned out, and another one in 2016 ("Cityzens Were Here", the typo is intentional), right after that hiatus. i composed, arranged & performed all the instruments on both, while the respective female singers of those projects brought their lyrics & voices.m to the table. Gear i own: after years of buying & selling, trying different things, being limited by tight budgets & low income jobs (cuz i wanted time for music), i have finally reached a decent point in terms of gear: - RMI Quantum Dominic di Piazza Signature 6 - Ibanez BTB846SC-DTL - Fame Baphomet IV fretless. All three active, neck-through basses. The first two are single-cuts. The RMI & Baphomet are strung with flats. I only own an Eden Ec10 combo in terms of amps. G.A.S.: I am currently GASsing for a Rockbass Starbass 5... really bad. Can't afford it. I guess i am pretty frustrated with my life & that translates into browsing through second-hand pages & online retailers' catalogues. Current projects: i play in a soul cover band of music veterans here in Seville. Haven't gigged yet as we started building a repertoir in July & have gone through a number of successive lockdowns. Then there is this other covers project where we modify heavily spanish pop songs into something different. Not really my cup of tea, but it's the only project that landed me gigs last year. & i write & compose for an actress here who has recently decided she wanted to put out an EP before the summer. So we'll see how that goes. Anyway this was me. Should U be interested, U can find me on social media as @neilelliottbeisson... Hope U have a great day! It's time for me to stop procrastinating 😊
  10. Basses (& guitars) i've owned: Over the years, and including also the instruments i owned before a three years hiatus away from music, i've owned these: Pre-hiatus: Cort Action Bass (first bass, sold) RavenWest RWG 7-Strings (sold 2011) Harley Benton Acoustic Fretless 5 (sold) Washburn Taurus T25 (sold 2012) Rockbass Corvette 5 (recorded "Raggedy Zirkus", sold 2012) Post-hiatus: Yamaha RBX 270 FL (Sold 2015) Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass NT (recorded "Cityzens Were Here", traded away 2017) Warwick Corvette Std (Sold 2016) ESP-LTD B205SMFL (Sold 2017) Fame Baphomet 6 (Sold 2018) Squier Vintage Modified Precision 5 (recorded Laure Lucas' "Loveletters & apologies", sold 2018) Ibanez BTB1206e Prestige (Sold 2018) Warwick Rockbass Starbass 32" (Sold February 2019) Sire V7 Alder 5ST-BK (returned 2018) Warwick Rockbass Corvette 5 Active (Sold December 2018) Squier Vintage Modified PJ Lake Placid Blue (Sold May 2019) Cort C6 Plus ZBMH OTAB (Sold June 2019) Ibanez SR306EB-WK (Sold July 2019) Ibanez TMB30 Mint Green (Sold January 2020) Squier Classic Vibe Precision '50s Lake Placid Blue (Sold March 2020) Vintage V74MRJP Fretless (sold May 2020) Harley Benton BZ-6000, (sold June 2020), Harley Benton E-1335 II sunburst (given away to a young soul who needed it), ESP-LTD B-206SM (sold September 2020) Harley Benton JB-75MN Black Vintage Series (sold October 2020) Ibanez AGBV205A (sold December 2020) Sire P7 5-string Swamp Ash 1st Gen (swapped for BTB846SC, December 2020) Ibanez ASV10A (also swapped for BTB846SC-DTL, December 2020) Ibanez SR506 (traded for the defretted Fame Baphomet IV, February 2021) Ibanez AS83-STE Artcore Expressionist (sold March 2021) Some of them were acquired new, others second hand. Nothing wrong with any of them, some of them were actually really good & i have, at times, regretted selling them... The one i regret selling the most is the medium scale Starbass.. So, right now, i own: - an Ibanez BTB846SC-DTL - RMI Quantum Dominic Di Piazza Signature 6 fretted - Fame Baphomet IV fretless. And i heavily GAS for a Warwick Rockbass Starbass 5 (in Cream White preferably). I am surprised so see that bass is pretty absent from the lists i have read here!
  11. I love them!! RMI are the best & wish i could own others. Here is my NBD post i did like a year ago: Still own & love the bass, & it's the only one of the three i own i wouldn't sell! Hope that helps!
  12. I second that statement! I own a Quantum Dominic di Piazza Signature & i adore the bass... if i could i would also get this one. Mustapha, i assume swapping for a BTB846SC in mint condition is out of the question ?
  13. Mine! An Ibanez BTB846SC & the RMI Quantum Dominic di Piazza Signature
  14. Here are mine 😊
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