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  1. The courier Colissimo (la poste) are a nightmare. I bought a Xiaomi/redmi phone from the Mi Store that was shipping through France and it went missing thru the colissimo system (never ever turned up)... LOADS of other people had the same issue. Check out the nightmare on trustpilot: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.colissimo.fr
  2. https://guitar.com/news/industry-news/dawsons-music-enters-administration/
  3. Great song with a funny video (New Order dressing up as a metal band) by future Oscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow.
  4. A diff post got me thinking about support acts who blew headliners off the stage (at gigs, not festivals). For me... an unknown Supergrass who crackled with energy, supporting a slightly ragged Shed Seven at the After Dark in Reading (circa late 1994?). Also, An Emotional Fish (full of life), supporting Simple Minds (slick, but sterile) at Wembley Arena (perhaps around 1990 or 1991). What are your experiences?
  5. First concert - Simple Minds, Wembley Arena 1990 (I think) Last concert - Chemical Bros, Alexandra Palace Best concert - New Order, Finsbury Park circa 2003 (although I had necked a couple of E 😁) Worst concert - Simple Minds, Wembley Arena (they weren't bad-bad, just a bit dull... Their support band we're more entertaining). Loudest concert - Sheep On Drugs at Windsor, Old Trout, I was pretty much deaf for the next 24 hours. Seen the most - Wedding Present Most surprising - Robbie Williams, V Festival 1998 (was actually one of the best acts on that day... Along with James). Next concert - Not known.. Wish I would have seen - Nirvana, Reading Festival 1992
  6. Sorry to hijack the thread, but maybe someone can help me identify the age and origin of this bass...
  7. Dayman (ah-ah-ah) Fighter of the Nightman (ah-ah-ah) Champion of the Sun (ah-ah-ah) You're a Master of Karate And friendship For Everyone
  8. I feel the same way when I see a man wearing jeans without a belt... it's just wrong. However, esteemed film director David Lynch always looks fantastic in his buttoned up shirt.
  9. That's what I say about my missus
  10. Well, can prob add Smoke On The Water and some ACDC Not knocking any of the music, just Clarkson's narrow tastes/worldview 😁
  11. Why not both? Yellow number 1, brown number 2 etc.
  12. Ewwww, just had a mental image of Clarkson playing air guitar in the shower *shudder*
  13. Simple "Classic Rock" test... Would Clarkson like it? If "yes", then Classic Rock If "no", then Other
  14. You should check out the recent interview he did with Richard Herring... I believe he was a little "refreshed"...
  15. No, Richard Madeley was busy as lead singer of The Fall
  16. All mince pies taste the same and all taste like a mouthful of sand (except M&S Collection mince pies, which are lush!)... Discuss. Of course the experience may vary depending on the quantity and quality of liqueur you are drinking with it.
  17. Surely fat P fingers sound different from J fingers (which are narrower)? Don't get me started on Rickenbacker fingers...
  18. P basses all sound the same, therefore... J basses all sound the same, therefore... PJ basses all sound the same, therefore... PJ & Duncan sound the the same.
  19. Whaaaaat? See vid above (Stereolab on The Word)... To my eyes she is sexy gallic coolness personified. Guess beauty is in the eye off the beholder eh! Agree with ya about Ping Pong though... That was the track that got me into them.
  20. Thank you for the responses so far... Knew I could count on BC'ers 😁 I'm a noob, so not great at working stuff out by ear. In case it helps any of you to decipher, here's a rather fab vid of them performing it live on The Word (remember that!)
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