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  1. Just bought a Markbass multi amp off Alan not only a great deal, but excellent prompt communications and info about the amp. packaging was bullet proof. Many thanks Alan
  2. Like wise. Thank you Jean
  3. Bought a smashing Fender Precision Elite from Jean. Bass arrived on the day he promised. Safely packaged and once opened was exactly as described. Communication was excellent and prompt and he kept me in the loop right up to delivery. Great guy to do business with.
  4. I would just like to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck with your results. Hope all works out for you and GLWS.
  5. Hi TheGregga Just wondering if the Bongo is still up for sale. If so could you send me over some more photos please including the back and the chip on the headstock. Look forward to hearing from you Regards Paul
  6. Bought 2 Barefaced Cabs off Dave. Cabs as described and in immaculate condition. Pleasure to deal with and very knowledgeable. He certainly looks after his gear.Bought an immaculate Ibanez bass off him as well while I was there, an unexpected bonus. Well worth the trek up to Swindon. Wouldn't hesitate in recommending him. Cheers Dave
  7. Sorry nap couldn't bear to part with it. Not only is it THE bass in my opinion it also holds sentimental value as I knew Pete the Fish RIP. and bought it brand new from him back in the day. If yours is still for sale once I have replaced the kitchen for the missus and then replenished my bass fund I will be in touch mate.
  8. I have an identical 4 string. Must be his baby brother. Absolutely fantastic bass. A new one of these starts at £7050 and comes with an approximate 30 month waiting list. I would be all over this like a rash if i hadn't recently purchased a Wal Pro II fretless. GLWS
  9. Thanks for the welcome folks. You will have to excuse me as I'm not used to forums and such like. Always willing to learn though. Been a bass player since the tender age of 15 cut my teeth on an Ibanez Roadster back in 1979 paired with a Carlsboro combo played in a functions band doing working mens clubs, weddings etc great way of getting served beers and having the craic for one so young. Eventualy moved on and formed a 3 piece with a drummer and guitarist playing our own material spent the mid 80s playing pubs clubs and university's with a Marshall stack and a Jaydee supernatural and a Westone thunder fretless (still got both basses) Came close but didn't get that elusive record deal and eventually we amicably went our separate ways always maintained that interest in music and over the years have built up a small collection of basses and amps Wal pro 4 string fretless Wal mk 2 4 string fretted Rickenbacker 4 string 4003 Jaydee Supernatural roadie 4 string fretted Jaydee Supernatural 4 string fretless Jaydee Calibas 5 string fretless Steinberger spirit 4 string fretted Westone Thunder 1 4 string fretless Aria 4 string fretted Chowney swb 4 string fretless am pleased to say that the 3 amigos have now reformed after 35 years with the aim of re recording an album of our original stuff for a keepsake Seem to spend more time chewing the fat at rehearsals now than playing but great to be back with the original line up recently bought a couple of basses of bobpalt and fretless from this forum pleasure doing business with the pair of them. All the best Paul
  10. Hi folks, just thought I would say hello. bought a couple of basses off fellow members of the site and would like to comment on what a great experience it has been dealing with like minded people. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas
  11. Hi Fretless i have just joined bass chat after coming across your advert I have been looking for ages for a 4 string fretless to join my Wal custom 3 fretted would you be able to send me an your e mail address if the bass is still for sale please i am a UK resident and would like to arrange to make a serious offer kind regards Paul
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