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  1. Could I possibly have it? Just gotten a project bass that could do with a preamp!
  2. Haven't posted in a while, but here's my current pedalboard!
  3. Just got the Big Muff & Small Stone today, so I retweaked my board. Pretty happy with it!
  4. Just picked up this modded Squier Jazz fretless off a friend for £60, it's been refinished with a brush & given that road worn look! I'm loving the playability of it, feels great, & fretless feels really organic & natural! It's currently strung with roundwounds, but I'm gonna put some flatwounds on there, I have a set of Chromes lying around. Kinda want to put a 1 play black pickguard on it now, does anyone know where the best place to get one is?
  5. So, I'm Danny, 28 from Stoke. Currently between bands, but that doesn't stop me working on my chops, waiting to find a new band. Trying to school myself on all the theory stuff, because I should have learned alot more of it by now hahaha. My main bass is a Gibson G3, with an Epiphone Thunderbird & a Dean Demonator as my other main go to basses. Still looking for the right amp for me, so running samples currently. Also really into pedals!
  6. Oh man, I did the same thing! I used to have a huge Ashdown combo way back when, I figured the sub button was just a big & weird low end injection, never even knew octave down was a thing at that point! I think that amp was my second amp ever!
  7. So, I need some suggestions. Phaser & octave down! I'm currently using that big ol' Ashdown, but let's face it... hardly maximising pedalboard space! So, I'm looking for something smaller, & analogue. Maybe an OC-2 or clone, maybe something else interesting, it needs to be pretty subby! Suggestions are welcome! Since I'll have space for one more pedal, I'm thinking a phaser, I used to have a Mooer Orange 90, which I enjoyed until it crapped out on me. So, I'm possibly thinking an EQD Grand Orbiter, those things sound hella cool! Again, suggestions welcome! Note: I'm planning on swapping out the cruddy cheapy cheap trem for a Hummingbird, & yes... I am a fan of Juan, if that isn't overly obvious!
  8. Current pedalboard, I'm planning to swap out the tremolo for an EQD Hummingbird, then swap out the big Ashdown octaver for maybe a smaller octaver, & something else fun... maybe a phaser.
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