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  1. Quorn sausage patties are back at asda after being discontinued. yum yum

  2. About to head off for IKEA. I am anticipating Xmas music. Wish me luck.

    1. BillyBass


      I assume you mean the one in Wembley?  I went there last Sunday (dragged by wifey), I walked down to the warehouse area behind the tills after about 15 minutes and waited for her, the place was like a Covid laboratory, people milling about everywhere, walking right next to you, some with masks under their chins, even Ikea staff!  Be a bit careful if you haven't already gone.

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  3. Please may I have seven more follows on my (new) YouTube page so I can finally get past 100 subscribers?


    This is my own page, which is rather empty as all of my gear reviews are hosted on the Guitar Interactive Magazine website and YouTube channel @GuitarInteractiveMag

    So, mine is a bit empty. I'm starting from the ground up and need your help :)❤️ 

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