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  1. haha! I love the idea of messing with peoples heads hahahaha... If we ever have a guess up with us, now I know what they have to do!
  2. Love it! It will be a journey for sure. I have found some fantastic avenues for recording and getting tons of sounds but live is still a work in progress. If what I have seen from what other successful two piece operations is true, they never stop looking for better ways to create their sounds Please share whenever you are comfortable!
  3. I have not heard them. I'll check it Thank you!
  4. That's awesome Yes, we were heavily inspired by RB. Very different musically but still basically rock We cant wait to release what we'e been writing. Thank you for the kind words!
  5. Still toying around with my effects. Probably will be forever lol
  6. We have been using this amp and pedal set up now for about 8 months and this time we got a little better audio while playing a show in March here in Vegas. It was the first time we played this song. We are considering using our Helix for the "Guitar effects" so you might see that on our next video As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated and has been a big help in moving the bass sound we use forward! Thanks in advance PJP
  7. This is cool. I use a boss tuner and an Ls-2. No real issues with them ut this could save some space on the board lol
  8. I must say thank you to forums like this and TalkBass. The people in these forums have been super supportive and because of that it gave my drummer the courage to send out our video to a few places. No Treble Magazine being one of them and they actually featured our video on their site! Pretty cool. So thanks again! Here's to many more interactions on BassChat! https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2019/03/10/purejoypeople-pursuit-of-happiness/
  9. Whoa! I'm shocked that it's load haha! Looks beast I want to make it big just so I can go on tour with a huge bass/guit rig haha! That roadies would be hired to set up of course
  10. Whoa! I'm not quite that kind of bass ninja yet
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