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  1. I want it, I want it... hold on, let me check my purse... dang... £3499 short... Well I can dream can't I? ... It looks fantastic!
  2. If you fancy dropping down to the jam sessions a Northern Guitars (every other Tuesday) or the Duck & Drake pub (every Wednesday) you might get a chance to see and hear the Staggberger in action... and to do me out of a gig :-)
  3. So... my name's Nehama, and I've been doing bass for 45 years... I don't suppose I could kick it now, even if I tried. I've had some nice basses over the years, Fenders, Steinbergers, Ibanezes, et al. but I like cheap and nasty these days, that way I won't sell 'em when I'm hard up. My current bass is a fret-free Staggberger (that's a Stagg customised with the EMGs from my last Steinberger) modified and set up to perfection by Beej Guitars in Leeds. I use roundwound strings (any brand, I'm not fussy) and play through a Marshall 100 guitar rig. Oh, and my Staggberger is tuned BEAD. I don't use pedals. I am not a gear-geek, for me it's all about what, how and when you play... if you know what you're doing, you should be able to make any old plank sound good. The genres I prefer are funk-rock, jazz-funk, reggae and anything with a edge... I don't do smooth (been there, done that, got bored), life's too short. My motto: happiness is a warm bass :-)
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