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  1. There will be VAT payable though at our 20% rate, plus a handling charge to the courier. That’s not something that’s applicable at the moment on used items. The government advice is here, it’s also quoted in the Guardian article. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/bringing-goods-into-great-britain-from-outside-the-uk-from-1-january-2021
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/dec/28/brexit-customs-duties-to-apply-to-eu-goods-worth-more-than-390
  3. That’s right, you currently pay the local rate of VAT, from January you’ll pay our rate. You’ll probably also pay a handling fee to the courier company for collecting the VAT.
  4. I believe from what I’ve read elsewhere, that the EU/UK relationship with regard to buying and selling anything - including used goods - will be the same as the current UK/rest of the world relationship. So you’ll pay VAT and import duty on anything you buy, as will anyone you sell to within the EU. We become a third country. The VAT rates vary across Europe, you currently pay the local rate - the rate operable in the country of purchase - from January you’ll pay the UK rate, which might be higher. Buying from somewhere like Thomman will be the same, though you’ll probably end up paying import duty on top of the VAT. Couriers will probably charge a little extra too, I know Royal Mail add a handling fee onto purchases from America.
  5. Yep, it’s the receiving side. Someone posted on Facebook a day or so ago, asking for alternatives.
  6. Slightly off-topic, but it might affect you. Apparently Transfer Wise are no longer dealing with the UK. I’ve used them a few times buying and selling into mainland Europe.
  7. They’re useful. They’re better - in my opinion of course - than a pedal, certainly much smaller.
  8. I believe from what I read earlier, courier lorries aren’t going to risk their driver getting stuck in the UK for Christmas. I can’t really say I blame them tbh. There’s thousands of lorries waiting to cross back to Europe, they’re not re-starting crossings until tomorrow. Who’d want to get stuck here over Christmas? I believe those that aren’t stuck on the motorway, are staying in their lorries on lorry parks with one single non-functioning toilet, and no running water.
  9. He might be posting it to you - though I wouldn’t hold my breath - but what about the others that he’s sold it to?
  10. Nobody needs one, they can be incredibly useful though. You need to get away from the thing of playing down and along the neck though, and use the low B notes to play across the strings.
  11. A vaccinated person can still I believe spread it by physical contact - touching a contaminated surface and not washing their hands before having contact with someone who doesn’t have protection. Hopefully getting back to normal won’t also include people forgetting about hygiene. I honestly couldn’t say how many times I’ve seen people leaving a public loo without washing their hands. I usually grip the handle with my coat sleeve.
  12. Yes. Click on the three dots in the top right hand corner of their post. That’ll give you several options, one of which is ‘find support, or report post’.
  13. I really think that everyone who’s involved should contact the police. He’s obviously got no intention of refunding the injured parties. There’s how many now?
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