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  1. Hi, I’m selling the wonderful REFLEX - the one EXP Pedal to rule them all... —> 200£ Photo is coming up tomorrow! 🙂 Paypal is fine. The insured shipping is around 8£ to Great Britain. If you buy more than one pedal, the shipping is free. 🙂
  2. BTW - John Davis of NERVE still uses this unit, which means, that it is able to deliver Highend pro sounds. And I love mine still very much!
  3. Very pleasant to deal with! An absolute 10/10! 🙂💛
  4. A great guy to make a deal with. Total 10/10!! 🙂

  5. The Otto is the one bitcrusher to rule them all! 💛💜💛
  6. Hi, would you send the OCTABVRE to Germany? Cheers, Michael
  7. Hi, is it gone? 🙂 Cheers!
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