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  1. Writing the drum line for a new song. We spent the whole day reharsing yesterday, and today another full immersion with Easter pic-nic at the reharsal space
  2. Sometimes I feel like only Steve Austin understands me.
  3. My colleagues played and sang this song today in the car on the road back from Graz to reach our loved ones (as for me, to reach The Band) in the weekend. A long, loooong trip. I don't like the song but it has somewhat moved me this time.
  4. My bass is P+P, but it has been modded by the previous owner. I love that. Deep, thick and punchy!
  5. Both. Depends on the period/genre. I voted USA because although I love lots of UK bands the genres I'm most interested in originated in the USA.
  6. Can it be worse? Of course it can! They send me to work abroad for two months, so I will have to make an 8 hours trip to reharse (which will be possible only in weekends at this point) Maybe we should book a holiday in Lourdes
  7. Apparently I have been kicked out by the client I was working for The only positive thing is that I'll be able to listen to music again at work.. until they send me in some other terribile place. Anyways:
  8. oZZma


    IMO not all basses sound better or need a compressor. I used to like a slight compression when I played a Jaguar, it helped a lot with sustain and punch, but when I bought a Kramer and tried with/without, I sold it without a second thought. It made the sound lose depth and, believe it or not, it even sounded LESS punchy with compression!
  9. Colleague: "What did you do this weekend?" Me: "I equalized."
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