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  1. Naigewron

    Where's My Thread?

    That's a separate forum located under "Bass guitars".
  2. Naigewron

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    I still need to get around to putting a tuner on there, but other than that this little board covers what I need.
  3. Naigewron

    R.I.P. Pat Torpey

    Pat Torpey died back in February. You probably came across an old message. But still very sad, he was a hell of a drummer and musician.
  4. Naigewron

    Am i a Musician?

    Musician is a state of mind. I have a full-time job and a family but a huge part of my identiy is linked to me playing music. I've played on a couple of albums and gigged a fair amount, but never actually made any sort of living from it (very, very far from it, if I factor in the costs of my equipment, renting rehearsal spaces and other various random expenses), but I still identify strongly as a musician. It's all about passion, I think.
  5. Naigewron

    Small Lightweight Combo under 20kg?

    The HD500 is definitely both small and lightweight, but it doesn't support an extension cab ๐Ÿค”
  6. Naigewron

    Practicing without a drummer.....

    Haha, nice one ๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. Naigewron

    Practicing without a drummer.....

    We don't have a drummer at the moment, so we play the drum tracks from our demo recordings through the PA and play along with those. It's not ideal, but it works. I feel that practising those songs completely without drums would make it really hard to get a feel for the song, especially on bass, but if you can make it work I imagine it will massively tighten up the feel and the groove between the remaining members.
  8. Well like I said, I'm a reasonably new player so I don't have a lot of basis for comparison, but I quite like it. The neck is very smooth and comfortable, and the P/J pickup layout makes it pretty versatile. I'd say it's a very nice bass for the price, and a great allrounder for someone who doesn't quite know what they like yet.
  9. Naigewron

    Mini Volume Pedals

    I really liked my DOD Mini Volume pedal. Absolutely tiny, and with a built-in treble bleed circuit to keep your tone consistent when turning down (no high-end loss). Note: I've only used it with guitar, not bass.
  10. Naigewron

    Show us your rig!

    Been there, done that. Always been a gearhead, no matter what instrument I'm playing (guitar/bass/drums)
  11. Naigewron

    Show us your rig!

    My first ever full bass rig, since I'm now playing bass in my current band project ๐Ÿ‘
  12. Thanks fellas! I think my time of juggling multiple projects is long gone; at least until the kids grow up a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰ At the moment I'm happy staying with the one main project, and if someone wants to jam then that's obviously also cool ๐Ÿ‘ So you cracked my code, did you? And I was being so clever too ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿคจ
  13. Naigewron

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    New to bass, but the guitarist side of me has a pedal obsession that is contagious. So I obviously had to assemble a board for my bass rig as well Still need a tuner though.
  14. tl;dr: Always played drums. Bass player quit, now I play bass. Apparently I love it. Here's my gear. Hope to see you around. Hey all! I'm a new member and a pretty new bass player. I've been playing drums in various bands for at least 15 years, and I've played guitar for at least that long, but never in bands. Lately I've been making the switch to bass, and found that I absolutely love it. I guess the "mix" of the tonal options of guitar along with the rhythmic and groove elements of drumming just really spoke to me, and I took to it like a fish to water. I *think* I have a reasonably decent feel for the instrument (note: May or may not be deluding myself), but there's definitely a lot to learn. The story is that my current band started up about three years ago with myself playing drums, and we had a bass player for the first 18 months or so. Sadly, he had to leave because of time constraints, since he was also singing in two heavily touring bands. So we've been spending the last 18 months as a three-piece, doing some acoustic gigs (with me and the main guitar player playing acoustic guitars) and just writing and arranging new songs. It's been during these arranging sessions, and the demo recordings I've been doing at home, that I've found a love for bass playing. So I've requested to be allowed to move from drums to bass in the band. We'll be heading into the studio early next year, and I'll be handling both bass and drums for those sessions, but once that's done we'll be looking for a new permanent drummer. I've never played with a drummer before... scary times ๐Ÿ˜ณ As for gear: I've been going direct since this whole bass playing thing started, but this week I finally bought an actual amp, and the difference in tone and feel was just mindblowing (at least through our cheap PA). I've owned the bass itself for a few years, put together the pedalboard over the last month or so, and finally put it all in front of an amp at this weeks's band rehearsal. So here is my new bass rig: Bass: Ibanez TMB-100 Pedals: Boss LMB-3 -> TC Electronic Sub'n'up Mini -> TC Electronic Hof Mini (only used for two ambient intro sections) -> MXR Bass DI Amp: Hartke HD500, 500 watt (peak) 2x10 combo. 15kg (~30lbs) of oomph! I was a bit nervous about the 2x10 cab in a rock band context, but it seems to do a very nice job. It helps that my guitar player uses a 20W 1x12 combo and not a full Marshall stack. It probably wouldn't cut it for a dual guitarist metal band. Of course, I haven't tested it with a drummer yet. We rehearse by playing my programmed drumtracks from our preproduction demos through the PA system ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway, hope to hang around for a while. I'm a hopeless gear nerd, so I'll probably pop up in those sections of the forum a lot.