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  1. Sting regularly gets freaked out when couples tell him they got married to "Every breath you take" - A song about a creepy stalker.
  2. Naigewron

    Click tracks and drummers

    Sure, but there's a difference between objective and reality. When a previous band first started playing with click tracks, the bass player was pulling ahead like crazy. Took a couple of months before we all got comfortable with the new reality. So like I said, there could be an adjustment period. That's also what I meant when saying everyone is responsible for keeping time. Sure, the drummer is the backbone of timekeeping, but it's hard as hell to sit behind the drum kit and hold everyone back if someone else is pulling on the tempo. All the groove disappears, and I have nothing else to focus on than holding the others back.
  3. Naigewron

    Click tracks and drummers

    That goes for everyone in the band though.
  4. Naigewron

    Click tracks and drummers

    This is a great point. It takes a bit of time for the drummer to adjust to a click (depending on how used he is to click tracks from before, for example from studio sessions). It also takes time for the band to adjust to a drummer who's playing to a click. No longer can the bass and guitar pull the tempo up and down (consciously or unconsciously) and have the drummer follow them; they have to be dead locked in with the drummer at all times.
  5. Naigewron

    Click tracks and drummers

    I've played drums as a primery instrument for 20 years, only recently switching to bass, and I've played with click tracks in all my bands since around 2009. I use in-ears (Shure SE215) for my click tracks and traditional wedge monitors for everything else. The in-ears also work as hearing protection, so I never need to have the click blisteringly loud. This is a very common way to do it, and works really well. I would *not* recommend having the click track in just one ear. The way we process sounds needs you will have to turn it up much louder to hear it properly, which could hurt your hearing. I've had various setups for my clicks, depending on the complexity of the project, but in its simplest for you just need some sort of metronome (could be an app on your phone or a hardware metronome) and a headphone jack. Oh, and fair warning: You might find that it's not just the drummer speeding up. I remember when we first started playing to a click, and everyone else was rushing like hell and thought I was dragging. I basically had to remind them that I was on a click, so it was not possible for me to be dragging. It was they who were rushing, trying to pull the tempo up.
  6. Naigewron

    Why two leads?

    Could be doing the Billy Sheehan thing - One lead per pickup, so that he can route them to different amps or effects. https://www.bestbassgear.com/ebass/article/2-outputs.html
  7. Naigewron

    Where's My Thread?

    That's a separate forum located under "Bass guitars".
  8. Naigewron

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    I still need to get around to putting a tuner on there, but other than that this little board covers what I need.
  9. Naigewron

    R.I.P. Pat Torpey

    Pat Torpey died back in February. You probably came across an old message. But still very sad, he was a hell of a drummer and musician.
  10. Naigewron

    Am i a Musician?

    Musician is a state of mind. I have a full-time job and a family but a huge part of my identiy is linked to me playing music. I've played on a couple of albums and gigged a fair amount, but never actually made any sort of living from it (very, very far from it, if I factor in the costs of my equipment, renting rehearsal spaces and other various random expenses), but I still identify strongly as a musician. It's all about passion, I think.
  11. Naigewron

    Small Lightweight Combo under 20kg?

    The HD500 is definitely both small and lightweight, but it doesn't support an extension cab 🤔
  12. Naigewron

    Practicing without a drummer.....

    Haha, nice one 😂
  13. Naigewron

    Practicing without a drummer.....

    We don't have a drummer at the moment, so we play the drum tracks from our demo recordings through the PA and play along with those. It's not ideal, but it works. I feel that practising those songs completely without drums would make it really hard to get a feel for the song, especially on bass, but if you can make it work I imagine it will massively tighten up the feel and the groove between the remaining members.
  14. Well like I said, I'm a reasonably new player so I don't have a lot of basis for comparison, but I quite like it. The neck is very smooth and comfortable, and the P/J pickup layout makes it pretty versatile. I'd say it's a very nice bass for the price, and a great allrounder for someone who doesn't quite know what they like yet.
  15. Naigewron

    Mini Volume Pedals

    I really liked my DOD Mini Volume pedal. Absolutely tiny, and with a built-in treble bleed circuit to keep your tone consistent when turning down (no high-end loss). Note: I've only used it with guitar, not bass.