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  1. What time are you leaving for your world tour? ... What's the hurry? ... It takes ten mins to hire a singer and two years to get rid of one. ... I'd say give them all an evening. ... Then everyone gets comfortable. ... Nerves are dangerous things. ... I've done auditions when there was a line in and out the door and ones where they respected me and commited to a decent listen. ... What if you hire the third one after he's listened to the first two singers mistakes, and just manipulated you into thinking he was the best because he didn't repeat those same mistakes. ... Then, a week later, he's got you all voting for a name change, with his in front. ...
  2. Let me think that through, I don't take her out as much as I should, I'll take a few pics and send them along. ... Pau Faro fretboard. ...
  3. I picked up a 2000 Stingray in Trans-orange with matching headstock and love it. ... I prefer the 90's neck, lot's of birdseye maple was used. ... The new ones are about the same. Are you looking new or used?
  4. 64 P-bass (parts), 66-P-bass (parts/fretless), 73 P-bass (parts), 74 P-bass (org), 74 J-bass (org), 82 JV-J-bass (parts/fretless), 2000 MM Stingray, 2006 Highway One J-bass, 60-yr upright, 50-yr upright, 90's Aria el upright. ... An even 12.
  5. I have half a mind to mind half as much.

    1. discreet


      I don't mind at all.

  6. I'm a firm believer in planting a seed first. ... Maybe it's a phrase, maybe just a word. But plant that first in your brain and forget about it. ... If it's good it'll come back again and again. ... Try not to get fixated in rhymes. ... The moon/june/swoon tune. You can always do that later when you're cleaning it up. ... Editing is a big part of writing. ... I wrote a book and the editing was the most painful part. ... Bob Dylan was asked where his early songs came from, Watchtower, Highway 61, etc, and he had no idea and said he could never write like that again. ... I like to write story songs so they have a beginning, a middle and an end. Then you know it's over. ... Study songs you like and try to figure out why they appeal to you. ... Writing is a commitment. Work at it and you'll be good. ...
  7. Hello All Longtime, 50-years, bassist and still at it. At the moment I do mostly small local jazz gigs in the Hamilton ON area. (home of F Bass)... Started on electric, 66 P-bass, still got it's neck, now fretless, and bridge. I've been playing upright 25-years. ... My two main electrics are both Fender, an all original 74-Jazz and a parts, neck and pickups 64-P bass, I add D-tuners to all my basses. And a 60-year old carved upright with Spirocores and a Wilson pickup. ... I have another upright, a German laminate, I leave in Florida as my winter beater. ... Amps, I've had them all but now I'm playing Aguilar 350 with a GS12" cab, but run first through a Radial Bassbone pre set on notch. ... After all these years I'm confinced that necks are it, then pickups and all the other parts can be swapped out and changed. ... I also sing, play piano and write, songs and stories. ... I believe we're on this planet to create.
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