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  1. I've just turned the TRC over and re-fitted it. I believe it's originally from a Guild bass.
  2. Price is now reduced to £115 - ish, which means I'm also open to offers
  3. OK.I decided to bite the bullet, and I've changed this back to its original set-up, so now its RIGHT-HANDED again.(see pics) Price is unaltered.
  4. Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated. To be honest I was in two minds as to whether or not to change it back to its original orientation before advertising but I thought I'd give Lefties a shot before I did. Seems also like I might have undervalued it ! Food for thought ! I also need to check my scales.
  5. Well done for spotting my deliberate mistake!!. That should be 6kg (13lbs in old money). I also forgot to mention the price includes a gig bag.
  6. For Sale - Washburn Scavenger vintage Bass Guitar. Serial No. suggests it was built in Japan (Matsumoku) in 1980. Good Condition. Plays OK. CURRENTLY SET UP LEFT-HANDED.Bought it from a guy who converted Righties to Lefties as a hobby. Even put dots inlays up the neck. Mahogany Body and neck, rosewood fretboard. Weighs in at 9Kg. If anyone is interested, would prefer them to come along and try it out. I live in Derbyshire near to the M1 services at Tibshelf. If that's not possible, I'm sure we can work something out. Regards Neil
  7. Greetings from the land of the dinosaur ( That's where my grand kids tell me I'm from). My music of choice is blues, blues, and more blues, but I also like anything that Jack Bruce produced. My instrument of choice is a 1980 Washburn Scavenger that has been modified for a Lefty. It weighs a ton, but still does the business Regards
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