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  1. From experience, autotune (I use variaudio in Cubase) is great for the small fixes. Whilst some clients say not to use it, they usually don't need it to be fair. The thing is, you can make a performance sound perfect in terms of tuning, but what you can't do is give a performance the authority of being performed confidently. Nothing will fix that. When I did a solo album I autotuned all of it. Mainly because I'm not a great singer despite having perfect pitch. It sounds fine, but someone better at singing than me wouldn't have needed it. Most modern stuff has been nipped and tucked here and there. I tend to try and do things as light touch as possible.
  2. Oh dear. I feel my goose is cooked on the @Dad3353 front. I love electronic music as I grew up in early 90s Scotland listening to rave bands. It's very rare I get a chance to mix it funnily enough. Probably because I don't track it. Maybe the 3rd mix might be a mix or genre that is okay? 😋 We await @SH73 uploading.
  3. Nothing to be worried about. If I was going to be upset about a negative opinion I wouldn't have asked. It's good to get a wide array of feedback. The offer is open for you as I'd like to do some work for you as I'm sure the material would be interesting.
  4. No offence taken whatsoever! That's the thing about mixing, you're making a subjective choice based on what you think are the main points of the song. At least when given free rein to do whatever you want. I kind of heard a thrash element in a way in this. Hence why I sharpened everything a bit more. I don't do smashed masters unless it's death metal, but if you put it on Spotify, it would still get turned down slightly. So to say it's slightly quieter is fair enough, but it's still hitting -10dB LUFS Whether soundcloud has altered that I don't know. I try not to use soundcloud as a host actually. So no offence taken in any way squire. I kind of want to do some of your orchestral stuff now!
  5. I've apologised to @SH73 as he won't get a mix until tomorrow. My wife had her covid jab and spent several days in bed. So I didn't quite finish it. He'll have it tomorrow morning as I won't have to look after my kids! Opinions on the "before/after" comparisons gratefully and gracefully received.
  6. Just for the records, the 3 free mixes were taken up by @Nail Soup, @xgsjx and @SH73. For those of you late to the party, I'm still doing £60 a mix until lockdown is over. Please feel free to hit me up before it's over and grab a bargain!
  7. If you want squire. I never specified genre or length! Happy to help! PM me and we can take it from there.
  8. Thanks Paul, was good fun to work on it. For everyone else, I would just say that there's still 2 left!! Do you want one? PM me!! "Free?" You say? Yes. I like to give back a bit and help folk out. You'll get exactly the same service as though you paid me full price. Can't say fairer than that can I? You literally have nothing to lose.
  9. I must admit, I sort phasing issues in tracking. Of course, if I get handed a session where that stuff is a mess, it's nice to have a few plugins to fix it. Or just fix it with a critical listen and some patience if you don't have an instant fix.
  10. The only thing that slightly irritates is the fact that they update the versions, so you're paying to able to do that. Otherwise you're stuck with a version which may not work after you update Windows or whatever mac's run. Hence the low cost of the plugins per se. Also there's so many of them to choose from. The SSL channel strips are great as is the 1176, CLA and SSL compressors. I use them all for different things. Depends what you like really.
  11. I'm happy to do a before and after for you @Beedster. Send me a file. There are many things at play like the signal chain, mic, timbre of voice. There will be small parts of everything going on of course. Mind you, I've edited podcasts that were really badly recorded and no amount of creative effects would have made it sound like the smooth product you want.
  12. To be fair, I sold them short. Last week I got 9 emails. As a rule of thumb, using stock plugins will save so much RAM you wouldn't believe. I tend to use stock Cubase plugins myself for the obvious things like delays and reverbs, but for like the SSL emulations or character type compressors, you kind of have to go elsewhere.
  13. Waves plugins are kind of like DFS sofas in that they're always on sale. Sign up for their emails. If you don't get at least 3 a week with some form of discount then I'd be surprised. They are of course very good as I use quite a few myself.
  14. Compression, basically. Not too much else.
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