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  1. Thanks guys, I'd already emailed them direct from the website before I posted on here. Had two replies first thing this morning from their MD and Technical guy offering to repair a fault with it as well as fitting it to a new chassis with rack ears so I can mount it. Brilliant customer service!
  2. I have an ashdown ABM500 non rack-moutable head that I want to put into a 4u rack along with my IEM's and possibly a rack tuner. Anyone done this before or know if its possible? I can take the metal chassis of the amp out of its mdf 'box' easily enough but is it then just a case of screwing rack ears onto the sides and mounting it or would I need to do more? On a side note, its making a horrible buzzing sound at the moment as if I'm running an overdrive throuh it. I've changed the pre-amp valve and thats not cured it, any ideas?
  3. Looking for a body not neck mate. Want one without the pickguard so a rear cavity for control access etc
  4. I did think about doing that. Im all good with veneering etc but this will be painted anyway so no need. Just needs to be smooth. Question would be how best to make the rear cavity
  5. Thats the only one ive seen. Postage is £65 though and I don't really fancy spending that much tbh 😛
  6. I guess £160 isn't too bad. Would like to halve that if possible though.
  7. Hi folks, I'm looking for a p bass body without a pick guard or control plate. Just the holes for knobs and pups. I've seen a few on Google image searches but can't find out where to buy them or even what cheap copy I need to find to break one down. Any ideas peeps?
  8. Evening all, I'm new here so be nice Been playing for getting on 15 years, not amazingly well but good enough for what I need. Mainly rock covers bands at the moment but do a bit of big band stuff from time to time. Playiny a diy fender jazz, jag and ibanez fretless currently putting together a p copy as and when funds allow.
  9. As the title suggests, I'm looking for a p bass body but without a pickguard I've seen a few on google images but can't find any for sale apart from in the states but postage is as much as the body itself and it ain't worth it! Theres a few copies out there too but again, can't find anything for sale. Hit me up with your suggestions folks!
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