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  1. Just an update for anyone interested. Had the Ibanez back from PMT and all the issues seem fixed. They filled the split wood, made a new screw hole and glued the preamp pcb down, it sounds fine now - issue fixed They even ordered in a replacement just incase anything else goes wrong. Thanks everyone for messaging.
  2. I have been switching between Korn's 'Follow the Leader' album (its now 20 years old) and Steven Wilsons new album 'To the Bone'
  3. Just out of curiosity when you say ''secure the preamp PCB'' How would you go about doing that exactly? Would be a matter of cable tying the PCB to the other cables? I described it as 'special' because it's so fun and easy to play and it's a 30th birthday gift from my partner :) It now has sentimental value.
  4. I agree that it looks like a simple fix - but as it is a new bass im not risking it lol (I'm no master luthier) It was a limited edition Bubina/Jatoba Bass and its lefty so getting a replacement maybe tricky. All I'd like from them is a quick fix... Fingers crossed P.s Contact them via email so waiting for a response but will take it to the store next weekend just to be proactive
  5. Thank you for replying, I plan to contact PMT and taking things from there, Hopefully its a quick and easy fix.
  6. I bought an Ibanez SR505 Left-handed from PMT in August 2018 Played it a couple of times sitting down with no issues until I stood up to play. As I moved around I felt something 'nocking' inside the bass cavity, which also came though the amp. I opened it up and noticed that one screw has slightly split wood and some of the electrics move around a bit, which I think is the main cause of the 'nocking' sound. My question is.. Is this something I could fix my self, would it be something I should contact PMT for them to look at it or is it a non-issue. The bass plays fine and sound great, I'm just worried as its a really special bass and I wouldn't want to ruin it. Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. Adam555


    Hey there, I'm adam from the UK. Started playing bass about five years ago to help with my drumming but it lead to really enjoying playing Have a crappy Johnson P-bass copy and recently acquired a Ibanez SR505. Next thing on my list is a 100w Fender Rumber
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