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  1. You might want to consider the Edinburgh Blues Academy who meet on Wednesday evenings at the St Brides Centre just of Dalry Road. https://www.edinburghjazzfestival.com/learning/edinburgh-blues-academy.html And as it happens I believe Jed Potts is going to be the guest tutor tomorrow night (4-March-2020)
  2. Alan Longmuir was a plumber by trade and fitted the kitchen sink in my Mum and Dad's old house just before the Bay City Rollers made it big.
  3. I think Sylvia was almost a hit for Focus too.
  4. Off-topic response to ahpook: many years ago I attended many BSI meetings and was once told that the BSI had a "British Standard Turd". It was essentially a fluffy ball/pompom thing on a string. It was used to test whether or not WC/cistern combinations passed the current BS for toilets. The string was necessary to retrieve the "turd" after the flush test was over.
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