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  1. Hi folks,

    For sale due to swapping to an iMac and 13” laptop, my 2018 MacBook Pro.


    i7 CPU, 16Gb RAM and 256Gb SSD!


    2018 model, with the original box!


    NOTE: the price reflects a crack in the lower bezel (near where it says ‘MacBook Pro’)


    Collection much preferred from near Worcester.









  2. I can answer this now as mine arrived. Brief moment of panic when I saw the Euro plug but thankfully Thomann spotted me coming and added a UK adaptor in the box.


    First impressions? Built like the proverbial tank, I mean this thing is SOLID Everything feels great quality.


    Sounds? Here is where I'm a shade disappointed - I was intending to use this as a preamp and whilst it functions ok, the sounds I'm getting are still pretty flat and uninspiring when straight to the desk/PA. I need to spend more time with it but I'm also finding it struggles with the (admittedly stupidly high) output from my EMG pickup and clips when above 9 o clock on the gain!


    Overall I'm sure it'd do someone a turn but it's not for me, so it'll be hitting the classifieds imminently.


  3. I sort of agree.  If the music/musician meant a lot to you, that's great (and it's certainly clear that EVH had that effect) but I don't really feel there's much to be gained by sharing your 'tribute' (particularly by murdering their songs) publicly. 

    Maybe I'm too British (or just a cold, unfeeling git) but actually I'd extend that to all public outpourings of grief, including but not limited to:

    - 'U ok hun' style posts on Social Media

    - Tattoos of names / death dates on your skin in prominent places

    - Shrines of any kind (unless you're actually related to them)


    Re-reading the above, I am a cold, unfeeling git.

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  4. Hi all,


    I seem to be spaffing money endlessly on duff strings. Had a dodgy packet of Elixirs from Amazon, I seem to have killed a set of Ibanez coated strings in two rehearsals, tried some Lo Riders and may as well have taken sandpaper to my fingers and my backup Rotos are lasting even less than usual before going dead and throwing up intonation issues.


    Now some of this is not news to me, I have the same issue with guitar strings and it's only been because of Elixirs that I'm able to avoid changing them every frigging week...!


    But stone me, they are pricey for bass strings...so all of this leads me to looking at other coated strings. Has anyone tried the Markbass jobs that we have a basschat code for? I'd love to give a set a go but am struggling a bit with the spare cash given there are no gigs in the diary so would rather hear from someone who has tried them before parting with yet more cash for another set of bloody strings!


    Thanks in advance,


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  5. Hi everyone,


    Purchased just a couple of weeks ago when I thought I was at risk of Furlough (and thus likely to get bored!), but I have not had time to use it and it's just going to gather dust.  Fantastic spec!

    Intel Core i5-9300H 4 Cores, 8 Threads

    16GB RAM

    2 x 256GB NVMe SSD

    15.6" FHD 144Hz Display

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti 6GB

    Windows 10 home.

    Never left the desk, always used with a USB keyboard, so pretty much spotless.

    11 months ebuyer warranty!









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  6. 5 minutes ago, yorks5stringer said:

    Taxpayers money is being squandered  and there is no tender procedure and no accountability. Not to mention how many of these firms make huge contributions to a certain political party, quid pro quo?

    No tender process was followed when the government awarded a contract to Computacenter for laptops for schools, cutting companies like mine straight out of being able to compete. Cheers, Boris.

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    Now £1000 collected or add £28 for delivery via RMSD.


    Phenomenal laptop but I need to raise some cash for a rash bass related purchase haha!


    2016 MacBook Retina 15 with Touch Bar

    i7 CPU


    500Gb SSD

    Radeon Pro 460 4Gb GPU


    Running Catalina, nothing makes this beastie struggle! Comes with Apple PSU 











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  8. Hi all,


    If anyone wants this, I'd like it out of the way.  VERY powerful pickup and wearing new Jim Dunlop Super Brights with about 5 minutes play time on them.

    OLP stingray - had the truss rod seized, managed to get it working and turns freely now - neck is set just right but not MUCH more adjustment left (45-105s fitted now).  Had to route more space for the truss aduster, largely hidden when mounted but wanted to be honest.

    It's in the way, plays well enough and sounds great.


    Postage possible.





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