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  1. Thanks for your quick answers ! I will use the combo at home (for practice, or rehearsals in a traditional music band). If the budget could remain under 500 euros it will be great. Of course used gear in good shape would be welcome, but I am aware that delivery is a very big issue...
  2. Hello everybody. I'm in the bass trip since 6 months and I'm thinking to upgrade from my laptop and little monitors to a very good combo (somewhat cheaper than head + cab). I'm playing an old Yamaha pulsar PB 400, Thomastik flatwounds and obviously I like deep, round and mellow tones. I picked up three models : Fender rumble 100 v3 (which sems to be the one-to-go), Tech21 VT 200 and Tecamp puma 112. Can you help me to make a decision ? Thanks a lot, cheers from Brittany !
  3. Hello ! Yes, nice amp. Is it still available, and could you ship to France (I'm from Brittany). Thanks a lot. Cheers.
  4. No worries, thanks for the answer and good music !
  5. Hello ! Nice little amp ! Do you think it will fit well to a Barefaced One10 ? Is it still there and could you ship to France, I'm from Brittany. Thanks a lot. Cheers.
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